Five Things wey we observe as Borussia Dortmund knack Man United 4-1


Na Mita Mita score for United as Dortmund knack dem 4-1 

Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund bin do battle on Friday for China, na pre-season match. We think say the match go tough, we no sabi say United dey prepare to set yansh. Dortmund knack Red Devils 4-1 sote dem shit for pant.We wan sharply tell una the five things wey we observe for the match.

The first thing wey we observe na say make Baba Special no try am again, to start Memphis as No.9… Na so so ball e just dey spoil, or e go hold ball and e no go wan release am. The only ball wey e try na that ball wey e head give Lingard, Lingo con dey one on one and e play shot as if say hin dey give back pass.

Mourinho: E no go shock me if United no sign Pogba, but sign person wey better pass am

The second thing wey we observe na say Manchester United midfield no carry weight at all. Borussia Dortmund collect Midfield from hand from start till finish. Herrera and Daley Blind/Paddy McNair no even put body for ball. United gots make sure dem go buy Pogba or another person wey fit fight for ball for midfield. No be with these Ajebos person wan take carry League.

Man United don yarn the agent wey dey manage James Rodriguez to expect £54m for table

The third thing wey we observe na say Phil Jones play rubbish for centre-back, for first half with the indomie wey e carry for head. As second half start, Baba Special con replace am with Marcos Rojo. We think say Rojo go play pass am, we no sabi say we dey move from frying pan to fire. The way dem take send Rojo go message today ehn, I think say na slippers. Abeg, make Marcos Rojo follow Messi go prison.

The fourth thing wey we observe na say Juan Mata don prove to Jose Mourinho, say e no mind to warm bench if Manchester United sign better players wey get body. Mata no even ginger for ball, Fashi the assist wey hin get.. Na Rashford create that move with better flick wey hin do. Mata be like vanishing spray for the match. Sometimes, you go dey see am, other times, you go dey find am.

Monaco don ginger Manchester United to come sign Fabinho for £25m

The fifth thing wey we observe na say Johnstone na Fraud. We sharply wan tell am ‘Thanks for coming, come and be going’ as we sabi say na either e go dey knack ball for Under-21s throughout the season or e go move go another club. Na him wey cause the first goal. Small freekick wey no carry weight, e no fit catch, e con wan dey form double save. Pikin, come and be going abeg.

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