Jose Mourinh QnA:  Rooney na my Capo, Zlatan na rich man, Mata fit stay

jose mourino china

Jose Mourinho don do Q&A ontop some pressing issues for Manchester United

Jose Mourinho don sharply do one QnA session for Shanghai, China.

The first thing wey e yarn ontop na matter wey consign hin Manchester United Capo Wayne Rooney.

“E dey shock me say people still dey doubt the guy,” Baba Special dey yarn. “Rooney na the Capo of this club, Na my Capo, and him na the player’s Capo.”

“I trust am wella. I dey reason say Wayne go be very important player and wahala no go come hin way. Everything wey Wayne don achieve ehn, no be dash dem dash am, e fight for am. With me now, I no go dey partial too and e go fight for shirt. But Ehen, Him na my Capo.”

The second thing wey Mourinho yarn ontop na how e take love Old Trafford Stadium.

“No be today wey e don dey sweet me and I dey reason say the fans dey feel the same way. I fit still remember back then, when I still dey play for Old Trafford, the way person go wakka commot from dugout make brain,” Jose still dey yarn. “No other stadium be like am. The way Old Trafford take be ehn, e be like say the fans and the stadium dey joined together.”

Baba Special con yarn ontop the matter wey consign hin contract (if e go extend am, before it expire).

“If una go extend my contract, I go accept am now, e go sweet me onto say na wetin I want for my career be this,” Mourinho still dey word. “I dey reason say e depend on how everything go be sha. I go try my best to show the owners that me na the right man for the job.”

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“I go try dey positive. I no go hide my face if I no do well after two/three seasons, even if I dey make top four. The koko na say I wan win League and I go like my players to know wetin e feel like. If when season finish, another team pass us for table, no lele.”

Mourinho con yarn again, ontop Transfer matter wey consign Paul Pogba

“Na three players wey we dey chook eye for (e dey among) but na only one we go buy,” na wetin Jose yarn. “We no fit focus all our mind ontop one player. We no fit put all our faith ontop one club jare, dem go wan begin do shakara. Everybody dey yarn about only one but e no go shock me if no be am we buy and we con buy another person because the person better pass am.”

The Reporter con ask Jose Mourinho if e fit spend £100m ontop one player and this na wetin e yarn:

“Na the power of Manchester United be that. I no sabi wetin dey expensive, I no sabi wetin dey cheap. Money dey to spend, but we gots sabi wetin dey right and the one wey dey wrong.”

They con ask Mourinho ontop Zlatan Ibrahimovic and this na wetin e yarn:

“Make I talk truth, Papa Ibro na rich man. E don make money from football o and e don carry many titles. The fact say e come the hardest League wey dey this world show say, e believe say e go carry titles for here too.”

“When I bin tell am say I don carry League for England, Spain and Italy and I con yab am say e never do am, e (Zlatan) con talk ‘Ahh, I dey come o, I wan win League too’…”

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“Fashi say Zlatan don old, hin mind still dey young and hin body still dey fresh. On Sunday, e (Zlatan) go start one program.. Then later, when Thursday reach, e go come join the squad.”

“I don give Zlatan five days, say make e rest. E mean say if e wakka come back squad, e go dey sharp for us.”

Jose Mourinho bin also yarn ontop the Juan Mata rumour.

“I bin sell Juan when I dey Chelsea, onto say e bin wan commot. Nobody bin wan sell am or purshue am o. Na him talk say e wan commot. For Chelsea, I know say him no be my first choice, but e bin play every match. Na everytime, I bin dey pick am for my 18 man team, but sometimes, e bin dey warm bench sha.”

“Juan bin talk say e wan commot and me na person wey if my player tell me say e wan commot, I go free am. The kind players wey I need, na the ones wey wan knack ball for my team and I dey reason say e wan remain for Manchester United so space dey for am.”

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Mourinho con yarn say e go try hin best for training, but say during matches, some hin players gots man up to ginger their mates.

“I go tell them wetin to do for training. E dey hard for me to word with them when match dey go on, so I need people wey fit read the game and lead. Zlatan na one of them and I dey reason say some other players dey too.”

“When I dey see our attack, e sharp gan.. Zlatan, Rashford, Rooney, Mkhitaryan, Mata, Memphis.. all of dem sabi worry defence to tap better ball and tear net.”



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