Jose Mourinho don yarn hin mind ontop Dortmund 4-1 United: Them Prepare pass us


Jose Mourinho and hin men don collect 4-1 from Borussia Dortmund, for pre-season match wey happen for Shanghai, China. Manchester United no play well at all and Baba Special don sharply yarn hin mind ontop how e view the match.

“I dey reason say for pre-season matches, the team wey dey win, na the team wey don play more matches pass the other team onto say dem for don get their shape. Team wey don already play four matches dey face team wey don play only one match, e bin dey obvious. Anybody wey watch the match go know say difference dey,” na wetin Mourinho yarn. “Some people (teams) dey, wey go like play small small teams to ginger their moral for new season but that kind thing no make sense.”

Baba Rojo chop Emma’s ‘Flop’ of the match versus Dortmund

Reporters con ask Jose Mourinho if e go sign another player and this na wetin e yarn.

“Sometimes ehn, when things wey you no dey expect happen, then you gots react o. After we don sign the midfielder wey we wan buy, we don finish our business for market this summer.”

Five Things wey we observe as Borussia Dortmund knack Man United 4-1

The next match wey Manchester United get na against Manchester City on July 25th and we go dey hope say dem go fit bounce back from this yama yama display.

4 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho don yarn hin mind ontop Dortmund 4-1 United: Them Prepare pass us

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