Our Weekly Tori Review

This week wey pass bring up alot of matter for we club.

  • Preseason bin continue for China wey we bin play Borussia Dortmund.
  • Transfer news bin also continue to de continue on top Pogba and other people.
  • Man United bin also release their new jersey and squad numbers for 2016/2017 season as controversy bin also follow the matter.
  • We go look into all these and many more.
Memphis Depay v BVB preseason

Memphis Depay bin struggle against Borussia Dortmund

Firstly, we bin enter China for the pre-season tour for there where we go play 2 matches. The kine fans wey we get for there too mush.

The first match wey we play there na against BVB. Bab Special bin don already warn say this people sabi play o and they don prepare pass us. Before the match, they don play 4 matches as we don already play 1 so Jose bin de yarn say that level of fitness and sharpness go show. as e talk am na so e happen. They knack us 4-1. The result bad but the significance no bad. Una fit remember wen LVG win San Jose 7-0, Barca 3-1, Madrid 3-1 but during the seasons we no fit win Swansea? Anyway na the fitness I de interested in make they de get. Also another matter be say Baba Special don suppose de know who go de our squad small small. Person like Rojo no suppose de our side. Also we suppose de look for another second keeper by now wey get a bit more quality. Also, Depay own don de gradually enter prayer topic and possible deliverance sha.

Rooney: The person wey slow pass for Manchester United na Daley Blind

On top transfer matter, last week bin bring up interesting developments. Pegba topic bin go overdrive and we de hear say the matter go soon conclude. We never still agree deal with Juve but them don trigger Higuain buyout clause of 94 million Euros. We remember say they bin talk say they no go pay such money for am but now they don pay. E be like say they don see money from somewhere o. Make we de watch this space de go. Also we hear say Bab Special de chook eye for Fabinho, another center-back and Pogba deal get Plan B and C in case e no go through. I for like make him use Fosu-Mensah for full season and Darmian as back-up. Then also a young back-up center-back go good o because I no trust Jones and Rojo in case anything happen to Smalling and Bailly.



Paul Pogba na center of ManU pursuit

Paul scholes bin also yarn say Pogba no worth all the money wey ManU bin de offer talk of the one wey they fit pay later. I partially agree with am but make we reason this matter small before we conclude. Firstly, Pogba na 23years old world class midfielder. If you fit show me 23year old midfielder wey play pass am abeg drop the name below for our comment box. The reason why na only ManU de negotiate na because of the money. Big clubs don bid big money in the past and Juve reject all. Secondly, the deal make commercial sense. Pogba na adidas boy now and na our shirt makers. And we bin agree with them for 1 superstar every summer transfer to de boost their sales. so imagine how much everybody go make for this matter. Thirdly, even if after 4 years him decide to leave to any ‘dream club’, those people go pay more than wetin we pay to buy am especially if him de sign new deal after every season or two seasons. So then him go de 27 years and still de marketable.Lastly, make we try look into the current market matter. If Higuain wey go de 29 this year cost 94 million Pounds, Andre Gomez cost 60 million Euros, then I think say Pogba suppose worth reach that amount. I think say make we sign Pogba like that because bad belle people go laugh us if we no complete am as we don go too far for this matter. Also na Scholes bin de talk say ManU suppose sign Kroos, Pogba, Varane, Stones to beef up the team last season. Now we don de try they don de complain abi na him money?

Pep Guardiola: Manchester United don improve under Jose Mourinho

Our new jersey and squad number for the new season bin comot this week and controversy follow. Martial lose him number to Baba Ibra. Him come later de do things wey show say him no happy. If they no tell am say na Ibra go wear 9, then I no support that kind insult. We know say Ibra na baba but Martial save us wella last season. Him deserve respect. We also remember say na only Messi and Ronaldo jersey sell pas Martial last season. If anything happen to that guy or him come talk say him go comot, then I no go forgive Woodward them. But see my suggestion wey for better for the situation: Martial number 7, Ibra 9, Mkhitaryian 11, Depay 82, Januzaj 22. Win-win for everybody.

Man United Captain Wayne Rooney no fit wait to tap football with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This week wey we de enter suppose bring up better things for us. We get match today against ManCity. Baba Special don yarn say the conditions poor for China. Heat too much, pitch no good and we no need injury this kind time. So make him just them make they jog for pitch for 90 minutes enter plane de come back manchester make we do beta training and prepare for the season. Remember say na only 2 weeks remain make we play Community Shield against Leicester. We de also hope say we go complete our signings for first team squad this week so that we go start blending sharply.



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