Sunderland and Stoke City dey drag for Manchester United striker Will Keane 

David Moyes wan sign Will Keane to Sunderland

Sunderland new manager David Moyes wan raid Manchester United this summer. Hin left eye dey on Adnan Januzaj, and hin right eye dey on Will Keane.

Reports wey dey hear from Daniel Cutts of The Sun Newspapers, na say David Moyes dey ready to table  £6.5 million for the 23-year-old, as e go like make the pikin striker ‘Will Keane’ wakka enter Stadium of Light before transfer market go close.

Jose Mourinho don ban hin Manchester United players from using Pokemon Go before matches

Sunderland bin appoint David Moyes as their new manager on Saturday after their former manager Sam Allardyce wakka go accept new hin job as English National Team coachie. The last job wey Moyes do na for Spain, e wakka go coach Real Sociedad and e mess up sote dem kick am inside gutter.

Pep Guardiola: Manchester United don improve under Jose Mourinho

As Manchester United get many strikers wey dey ahead of Will Keane like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, e mean say Will Keane gots enter another club go shine or e go roast for reserve bench.

Cutts, also yarn say Stoke City dey chook eye for the boy matter. E fit commot if first team dey hungry am.

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