Five things wey we observe as Man United knack Galatasaray 5-2

  • Manchester United knack Galatasaray 5-2
  • The goal wey Zlatan Ibrahimovic score make brain
  • Herrera and Schneiderlin dey sleep
  • Memphis Depay, Marcus Rashford and Antonio Valencia ball Fire 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic bin score hin first United goal after 3 mins from kick-off

O Boi, No be small knacking wey happen today as Manchester United wakka enter Gothenburg, Sweden to tap football against Galatasaray. Jose Mourinho and hin Red Devils push the turkish side inside lagoon. 

The match sweet me gan. Na wetin United fans dey cry for last season be this. If United fit ginger like this all season, we go carry League. Who wan stop us? Na Agbero? or abi the people wey dey buy double sim?

We wan sharply tell una the five things wey we observe for the match:

The first thing wey we observe na say Ander Herrera and Morgan Schneiderlin fall my hand. See as Galatasaray collect midfield for their hand. United no even balance well for first half. At least we dey even see Herrera, e dey make tackles but Schneiderlin just dey do excursion. E no even put body for ball. E remain small make Gala tear our pant wella that first half. If Jose Mourinho go use this match judge ehn, Herrera and Schneiderlin fit begin chop bench.

Marcus Rashford send the goal keeper go better message, Keeper vess foul am, cause penarity 

The second thing wey we observe na say Maroune Fellaini and Michael Carrick change the match when dem enter second half. Everything wey Herrera and Schneiderlin no do for first half, dem do am. Fellaini tear net self and Michael Carrick bin get assist. Dem two collect midfield from Galatasaray sote their players confuse. As dem two enter match self, Wayne Rooney con enter match as e see people wey dey feed am ball. They don give Mourinho headache as Baba Special fit no know who go dey hin starting 11 for midfield.

The third thing wey we observe na say Marcus Rashford na winsh. When second half start, e begin show himself. Na him wey create the chance for the equaliser. That mad pass wey e give Valencia, wey e take use do assist for Rooney. Then Rashford con get assist as e win penarity, wey Rooney take score. The way e take win the penarity self… E send both defender and keeper go message, the keeper con vess foul am.

Antonio Valencia bin get three assists against Galatasaray 

The fourth thing wey we observe na say Manchester United play rubbish for first half but dem ball gan for second half. E fit be say the players wey start the match never gel. Fashi say Zlatan Ibrahimovic bin score hin first goal.. after that first goal wey Zlatan score, na rubbish United play for first half. Mkhitaryan just dey run before hin shadow, dey do offside as the defenders no gree release ball on time. But for second half, the team ball wella. Jesse Lingard self ginger today, e win plenty balls. The person wey hin own shock me pass na Memphis Depay. MEMPHIS DEPAY BALL TODAY O!

Wayne Rooney bin score two goals today 

The last thing wey we observe na say Jose Mourinho go get serious headache to find out hin strongest eleven. Fashi say e buy new players come and e go like use dem. But the main goal na to find strongest eleven, wey fit win every match. Na old old players wey knack ball for second half and dem ball pass awon new comers. E fit be say our new boys gots step up.

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