Three things wey Manchester United gots do to knack Galatasaray apako

Zlatan go lead the attack for United against Galatasaray

Jose Mourinho and hin boys dey wakka enter pitch for Sweden to face Galatasaray on Saturday July 30th. 

Na the first Manchester United match wey dey hungry fans ontop say e go show the full strength of Red Devils before season start as senior men like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, Anthony Martial fit play.

We wan sharply share with una, the three things wey Manchester United gots do to win match:

First ehn, Mourinho gots start a strong line up. Papa Ibro fit start for No.9, Baba Roo go con standa for No.10, Mita Mita go full ground for RW, and Martial go hold LW. As United never buy Pogba yet, our midfield still dey short sha but Baba Special gots try Schneiderlin and Herrera to see if e go gel. Then for defence, as Smalling don wound, Daley Blind and Eric Bailly go start for centre-back. Luke Shaw go hold left-back.. Then Valencia or Darmian go hold right-back. Then David dea Gea gots start, no time for baskets. 

The second thing wey United gots do na say, dem gots play fast attacking football. If Wayne Rooney dey form, e fit dey spread play as usual. Darmian and Luke Shaw gots ginger for attack self. E sure me for Luke Shaw but small comma dey around Darmian. E good for back but e no too sharp for front although, e try for there for Euro2016, e even get assist self. 

The last thing wey United gots do na to switch to plan B sharply if plan A no work. Even if plan A dey work, make dem sha commot Zlatan and other important old players early so dem no go injure before season start. Marcus Rashford go be important player this season so Jose Mourinho gots test am again. This boy sabi ball ehn, hin blood dey hot, The second half wey e play against Dortmund, e ball gan. Na him wey create the chance wey United take score. If Rashford commot from bench, e go score. Make we also give Memphis last chance (from bench sha). Today hin brain fit dey boot. 

If Manchester United fit do all these things, dem go knack Galatasaray. No be small knacking. 


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