Arsene Wenger: Why i go buy Pogba for £112m? when i fit buy hin chinko version

  • Arsene Wenger talk say Manchester United dey craze to buy Pogba for £112m
  • E also talk say dem fit dey buy player for £200m, £300m in the future. 

Paul Pogba dey heavily Linked to Manchester United this summer

The first manager wey chook hin eye for another person business na Jurgen Klopp when e talk say why person go buy player for £100 million, say if the player wound, the money don waste. 

Now Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger commot hin eye from hin own club o (i.e yama yama club wey no fit carry Premier League even when Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool no perform last season) and e chook am for Red Devils matter. Wenger don criticize the Paul Pogba move, e say na ‘Complete Madness’.

Reports bin ask Wenger how e see the matter say United wan sign Pogba back for £112m, player wey dem sell four years ago for just £800,000, and the Arsenal manager respond.

Arsene Wenger don criticize United for the way dem wan spend big money ontop Pogba 

“Person wey no fit afford am go talk say you dey craze to buy player for that amount. But person wey fit afford am, go try explain why e dey reasonable,” na wetin Arsene Wenger.

“The whole matter no make sense at all jor if you wan compare am to normal life. Na my own opinion be that. But the kind world wey we dey live na the one wey if something blow worldwide, too mush money go dey involved.”

Diego Forlan: United dey pay €120m for Pogba, imagine how much dem go pay for person like Scholes?

“Football don blow worldwide and na why clubs fit afford am. If you spend that kind big money ontop one player, shey e go fit give you the money (wey you spend ontop hin head) back? but people no wan use their brain.”

“Before i bin dey reasons say the money for player no go dey increase anyhow, but e dey fly up ehn… For future, some people go dey spend £200m, £300m, ontop one player… who know?”

As Arsene Wenger no fit afford Jamie Vardy, e go buy Double Sim

This Wenger (akahgum ) wey dey buy chinko players up and down for market dey talk. No be everybody wan buy players wey get double sim. Make e commot hin eye for United matter. E no consign am.

Two areas where Man United gots improve on if dem wan win 2016/17 Premier League title

Wenger’s own reaction bin come few days after Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp yarn hin mind ontop the fact say Premier League clubs dey spend big money ontop players, say e no make sense.

“How you go buy person for £100 million? If you buy am and e wound during the season. Shey una know say the money don waste?.” Na wetin Klopp yarn.

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