Daley Blind: Una wey talk say Mourinho go sell me, Ela

Daley Blind fit dey important for Manchester United for 2016/17 season 

Manchester United defender Daley Blind talk say all the people wey dey think say Jose Mourinho go dump am, don chop serious ela. 

People bin think say new manager Jose Mourinho go dump am when e wakka come but the fact say Daley Blind sabi play many positions fit make am important to Baba Special, even if e never sure am say na starting role e go dey play, as Chris Smalling never come back from wound. 

“People no even gree make Baba Special land first, dey just dey misyarn. Baba Special no even talk anything o. But just like the other players wey dey here, i dey fight for shirt,” na wetin Blind yarn.

“I dey reason say for football, person no know how e go be. But you gots believe in yourself and you gots work hard so chance go come your way.”

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“Wetin i dey talk no be for just me o, na for everybody wey dey tap football for Manchester United. My plan na to work hard so i go fit dey part of the team.”

“I dey reason say every manager dey reason different. Mourinho na great manager, e get hin own plans and the team dey learn from am.”

Daley Blind dey ginger to imoress Mourinho

“The manager no dey lie. No be just to me o, e dey honest with every player wey dey here. We sabi say Manchester United na big club wey get plenty competition.”

“Na wetin dey make am big, and e good for we wey dey tap ball for here self. I dey reason say if you be player ehn, na everytime you gots work hard and you gots show your best, and your moral gots dey high,” Blind still dey yarn.

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“My moral dey high onto say i sabi say i get skills and i go show am again and again. I dey reason say i dey do well for pre-season and i go continue dey work hard, na only God know how e go end.”




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