David Moyes dey claim say Manchester United no treat am well

New Sunderland manager David Moyes bin dey jolly as hin new club unveil am on Monday.

David Moyes

Manchester United sack David Moyes for hin first season after e no fit qualify for Champions League

For the first official press conference wey e do for the club, e bin dey smile as e dey talk about how e go take lift Sunderland (from Relegation Team to Mid-Table), until reporters con remind am about how e fail for Manchester United. 

As one of the reporters remind am about how e fail for Manchester United, the smile con commot from hin face and hin eye con dey shake. E bin dey obvious say the matter weak am.

United bin sack am for April 2014, na only 10 months wey e spend for the club, person wey suppose stay for six years. The thing still dey pain am till now. As e bin dey talk say e don learn strong thing from the experience, we still sight say e dey bitter over the matter. 

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“I don talk am before, dem no treat me well,” na wetin Moyes yarn, person wey Sunderland don appoint as their new manager after Sam Allardyce wakka go accept the England coaching job. “Na six years contract i sign o, but after only 10 months, dey purshue me commot, dem no try for me at all.”

“I know say the koko for football na to win matches. I know say i no win enough sha but everything no be my fault. And i dey reason say, everything wey happen after i wakka commot, don show say no be my fault.”

David Moyes

Sunderland bin unveil David Moyes on Monday

The last comment wey David Moyes, e dey obvious say e dey direct am at Louis van Gaal, manager wey get huge CV, yet e still fail for the United coaching job. But e try pass Moyes sha, e carry FA Cup title.

Since wey David Moyes don wakka commot from Premier League, go Real Sociedad do rubbish for there, collect sack letter, come back, na so so foreign manager wey most BPL clubs dey employ. Moyes go wan prove for Sunderland say e fit follow Antonio Conte, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, and Jose Mourinho drag for 2016/17 season.

“The thing wey i learn for Manchester United, na how life dey for top,” na wetin Moyes yarn. “I believe say na my level be that… but na person wey do better thing, dey attract big club.”

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“If you no do better thing for this life, clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United no fit approach you.”

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson bin think say David Moyes go succed am for United, but the guy flop sote the club purshue am commot

“I no gots prove say i be top manager to anybody, me i know say i be top manager. My standard dey high.”

“Out of all the managers wey dey Premier League, na me get the fourth highest win rate. If i fit bring am to Sunderland, then i go do better thing for here.”

David Moyes dey linked with Adnan Januzaj, Maroune Fellaini and Yann M’Vila.



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