Community Shield: Three things wey Man United gots do to knack Leicester City 

Zlatan go lead our attack against Leicester City on Sunday

The next match wey Manchester United get na against Leicester City for Wembley Stadium on Sunday, August 7th.

The match go be like the final warmup for the two clubs ahead of the English Premier League wey dey start on Saturday, August 13.

We wan sharply talk about the three things wey Red Devils gots do to knack Leicester City apako sote dem go shit for pant.

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The first thing wey United gots do na to feed Zlatan ball wella for inside box, so e no go dey work hard for ball. For our last match, we bin notice say Zlatan no dey too see ball wella inside box, so e gots drop deep to epp the team but that kind thing no go favour our attack. So, we dey count on the likes of Wayne Rooney, Anthony Martial and Hernrik Mkhitaryan to step up against Leicester so Papa Ibro go remain inside box. If dem fit achieve am, we go knack Leicester Apako.

The second thing wey United gots do for the Community Shield match na to give Jamie Vardy close marking. Thank God say Eric Bailly sabi run. As Chris Smalling no dey available yet, e be like say na Bailly go mark Vardy, NO FREE SPACE. Everybody sabi say Leicester City game na counter attack, now wey Ahmed Musa don show self, e go worse. Our defenders gots work wella that day. Thank God say Luke Shaw don come back, hin pace go epp us against their counter-attack and e go ginger for our own attack.

The last thing wey United gots do na to start Michael Carrick. As Pogba never enter, Carro na still one of our best midfielders and hin game dey have impact on Rooney game self. For the matches wey United don play for pre-season, our game dey improve when e dey pitch. I no sabi the person wey Mourinho wan pair with am (i.e Herrera, Fellaini, Schneiderlin, etc), for that one ehn, Baba Special fit choose who hin like. We dey pray make United sign Pogba before League start, we need am.

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E sure me say we go beat Leicester City, na small thing. My own na say, make we knack dem apako.


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