Ashley Young believe say Manchester United fit win 2016/17 Premier League title


Ashley Young believe say United fit carry 2016/17 Premier League title

Manchester United Winger & Defender Ashley Young believe say Manchester United fit fight for 2016/17 Premier League title under new manager Jose Mourinho. 

The 31-year-old bin wakka commot from bench at Half-Time on Wednesday night, as Red Devils draw 0-0 with Everton, for Wayne Rooney testimonial match wey happen for Old Trafford. At first, e bin dey play wing, then Mourinho con change am to left-back.

Now wey pre-season don finish, everybody eye don dey chook for Community Shield match wey go happen between Manchester United and Leicester City for Wembley Stadium, on Sunday.

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Reporters con ask Ashley Young, whether e feel say United fit challenge for titles this season and e respond.

“Ehen na, na wetin we want. We wan dey knack people dey go, dey carry trophies dey go. Club wey big like United gots dey fight for title and i believe say we go do am this season, with the kind squad wey we get now,” na wetin Young yarn for #MUTV


Manchester United don finish their pre-season tour 

“The next match wey we get no tey self, na Community Shield and e dey important make everybody tap ball self. E dey hungry everybody to involve for the match. The match wey we get on Sunday dey hungry us ehn.”


The last thing wey Ashley Young before e drop mic, na the hailing wey e give Wayne Rooney.

“Him na loyal person for the club sha,” Young still dey yarn. “Him na world class player. The kind trophies wey e don win for 12 years ehn, no be small thing and e sure me say e go like carry more trophies.”

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“Him na person wey get big heart off the pitch, ontop pitch self, him na nice person. Anytime wey e enter pitch, e dey ginger to win match. The fact say i fit tap ball with am self dey make my head well.”


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