Jose Mourinho and Community Shield

Oga Jose Mourinho bin get plenty tori for community shield matter with wins, losses and some na of handshake dramas…

jose cpmmunity

Baba Special

Oga Mourinho don drag for FA Community Shield for four different times wen he be Oga for Abgeros and he don win am only one time.  Because of this make una no expect am to die put but one thing wey sure be say hin go want better start so him go get the confidence weyhin need for the beginning of hin career for Manchester United.

Steve Sidwellwey be make hin debut for Abgeros under OgaMourinho for 2007 Community Shield against Manchester United talk say OgaMourinho no dey joke with the competition at all at all.  “He bin dey tell us say League Cup na the first game to reach Wembley and play for trophy”. Sidwell talk say “Na the same matter with community shield. Dis one no be like pre-season game for Oga Jose. Him go do all hin calculation and for the game like say na Premier League game. Him go prepare the team wella and ready dem proper proper. Na hin first game and hin no go wan lose am. Hin fit do shakara if the team no win but no do mistake as he no go happy at all”.

OgaMourinho Record For Community Shield

As Sunday game against Leicester City na OgaMourinho fifth Community Shield game, we wan sharply do looku looku for the four former times wey him don drag for Community Shield…

2005 Community Shield: Arsenal 1-2 Abgeros

wenger and jose2

Didier Drogba bin score two scores as OgaMourinho Abgeros bin beat Arsenal for Millennium Stdium. The win na OgaMourinho first and only win for this competition. OgaMourinho bin talk after say; “na better thing to win and we dey go house with big better smile for our face but this one no join for Premiership matter”.

Wettin Follow Am?

Abgeros bin start like house wey catch fire as dem win their first nine matches, use two games in hand take carry Premiership crown back to back.

2006 Community Shield: Liverpool 2-1 Abgeros


Abgeros new signing dat time wey be Andriy Shevchenko bin score for him first game but Peter Crouch bin score late goal weymake Liverpool win am. But OgaMourinho and Rafel Benitez no shake hand as the match finish. OgaMourinho bin talk after say; “I know say my face no nice. I get gragra and ginger, but make una no always dey make me bad boy”.

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Wettin Follow Am?

Abgeros lose their first away game for season as dem play Middlesbrough and, dem be get their ginger later but dem no fit win Premiership crown back to back again.

2007 Community Shield: Manchester United 1-1 Abgeros (Manchester win 3-0 on top penalty)

jose and Saf

Florent Malouda goal change am from 1-0 to 1-1 after Bros Ryan Giggs don first score for Manchester United but OgaMourinho Abgeros no fit score any of the three penalty weydem play for the shootout. OgaMourino bin talk after say; “The dey start for Saturday and we no lose the match gong on”.

Wettin Follow Am?

Abgeros manage their win their first match of the season against Birmingham but many kata kata inside dressing room make OgaMourinhowakacommot for September after dem be win only one match inside five wey dem play.

2015 Community Shield: Arsenal 1-0 Abgeros


Arsene Wenger manage get hin first win from OgaMourinho as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin bin score the only goal wey make Arsenal win the match. Arsene Wenger and OgaMourinho no shake as the match finish. OgaMourinho bin talk after say; “I dey expect the mumu mumu  things wey the players do and e dey normal”.

Wettin Follow Am?

Abgeros lose three of the first five matches weydem be play for Premier League and dem no gather their ginger back as dem sack OgaMourinho for December as the team dey one point above relegation.

 To End The Matter

The only time wey OgaMourinho be win Community Shield he bin follow am with Premier League trophy while the remaining times wey him no carry am hin no win Premiership and dem even commot am for job two times wey that kind thing happen. Though nobody dey expect any drama to shele on Sunday whether win or lose but from OgaMourinho former record he go make better sense for all Manchester United fans if hin and the team win for Sunday.

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