Jose Mourinho: Rooney na my man now – I bin try sign am when i still dey with Agberos


Wayne Rooney go play No.10 for Jose Mourinho 

Jose Mourinho don yarn say e sweet am say e don finally get Wayne Rooney, after e confirm say e try buy the England Captain when e still dey manage agberos (Chelsea). 

The Manchester United striker bin celebrate hin testimonial for Old Trafford against Everton on Wednesday night and this na wetin the new Red Devils manager yarn ontop the 30-year-old.

“E make sense as Manchester United dey celebrate person wey don epp dem wella,” na wetin Baba Special yarn. “For me ehn, nothing consign me with friendly matches, i dey wait make League start.”

“Before Before, i bin dey eye Rooney from outside onto say the season wey e move enter Manchester United, na the season wey i wakka enter England to coach Chelsea. I fit talk am, and everybody self sabi, say i bin try buy am.”


Wayne Rooney, Andreas Pererira and Jose Mourinho 

“Him na player wey i don want since o, make e dey my squad. Last last, i don get am and i don get am for the club wey e love, the club wey e don spend most of hin career. And i dey reason say e still get many things to offer United.”

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“I dey look am like person wey sabi ginger hin teammates, e dey jolly to work every day, and e dey jolly to lead small pikins. Him na my guy self. I fit talk am now, him na my guy. E sweet me gan.”


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