Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri dey ginger to face Man United in Community Shield

  • Leicester City go face Manchester United for Community Shield match, wey go happen for Wembley Stadium on Sunday.
  • Claudio Ranieri sabi say hin side no perform well for Pre-season.
  • Foxes Boss sabi say hin side don raise their standard so BPL teams go wan wound dem

Claudio Ranieri go like make hin squad defend their title for 2016/17 season

As Leicester City bin carry Premier League title last season, Sir Alex Ferguson bin call Claudio Ranieri for phone and e congratulate am, say e try wella. As Fergi call am, the thing shock am, as e no believe say Sir Alex fit reason hin matter. 

As the new season go soon start, the Leicester City manager don sharply yarn for one interview, wey e do, say hin team no dey perform well for pre-season.

“I no dey see the kind togetherness wey i see last season,” na wetin Ranieri yarn. ” Everybody dey work hard ehn, but dem no dey join body (i.e dem no dey play like team), everybody wan impress.”

“I no para for them, but dem know say i dey boil inside. I wan see more abeg. I go like make dem play together, make dem join body. This year ehn, teams go wan wound us.”

Claudio Ranieri sabi say teams go wan wound dem when Premier League start, e no like hin side pre-season form 

The foxes boss yarn say e no dey happy with hin side pre-season form. Leicester City bin play against Paris Saint-Germain for California  on Tour and PSG knack dem 4-0.

“I don yarn the players wey i sabi wella, say dem gots ginger pass wetin dem dey do now,” na wetin Ranieri yarn.

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“Fashi wetin we achieve last season. Dem no feel tell me say na the best wey dem fit do be that. I wan make dem do pass that one. Na why i dey vess for our pre-season tour.”

“I dey wonder how we go do this season. I no know o. But i no like am, if my players give up, when dem dey tap ball against teams wey big.”

The popular Italian helped mastermind Leicester's Premier League triumph last term

Leicester bin carry 2015/16 Premier League title

However, Ranieri has warned his players expectations will be higher this season

Claudio Ranieri don warn hin players say things go tough this season

“We fit lose, but i wan see say dem dey play together and i wan make dem dey epp each-other. You gots kill yourself ontop match, na my philosophy be that. I know say e dey hard to do wetin we do last season but na wetin i want. E sweet me ehn and now i want am again.”

The Leicester City boss go like make hin team deliver against Manchester United in the Community Shield match wey go happen on Sunday.

“This match wey we wan play no be friendly to my eye o, we wan win am. E sure me say Manchester United sef go wan win am. We go try our best to win am,” Ranieri still dey yarn. “Na the first time wey i dey go Wembley be this, e dey sweet me.”

Jamie Vardy should be available for Sunday's match despite undergoing wrist surgery

Jamie Vardy bin play major role as Leicester City carry League last season

Claudio Ranieri dey try to keep hin best players but some of dem no send as midfield N’Golo Kante wakka commot, to go sign for Chelsea… Now Riyad Mayrez dey strongly linked to Arsenal… The only good news na say Jamie Vardy don renew hin contract.

“I bin watch am for Euro 2016, him never change and e still dey happy,” na wetin Ranieri yarn ontop Vardy. “E dey ready to do everything e do last season again.”

Ranieri described Manchester United's new striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a 'big champion'

Ranieri dey fear Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“The fact say other people dey chook eye for my players no fit commot my eye from the koko (to fight again this season). Na normal thing say many clubs go like buy Mayrez and other players, but we gots chook eye ontop wetin we wan do this season.”

“Kante bin wan commot, so i free am. But the rest talk say dem wan stay.”

Claudio Ranieri talk say Manchester United attack don sharp as Zlatan Ibrahimovic wakka enter their club.

“Papa Ibro na Champion, e fit do great things for them this season.” na wetin Claudio yarn.

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