Leicester City wey win Premier League last season go dey carry fire for head come face our own Manchester United wey win FA Cup inside the last season. The match go dey happen for inside Wembley on Sunday by 4:00pm.

If una no fit watch the match no worry just follow @manutdinpidgin ontop twitter as we go drop all the update for una as e dey hot. Claudio Ranieri talk say he don commot everything about say Leicester City bin win Premiership from hin mind as dem they ginger to enter tear rubber season wey go start form Sunday.

Jose Mourinho wey be our tear rubber Oga for Manchester United talk say the Cup go get meaning for all those players wey join body win FA Cup last season. Ranieri talk say; “We get the dream for mind but we know say e go hard”.

“I don forget wettin happen last season. My mind don move enter new season”.

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Leicester don win this competition wey be season-opener only once, where dem bin flog Liverpool for 1971. That time bin call dem come join the competition after them bin win wettin we dey call Championship now and Arsenal talk say dem no dey play again for the competition. Ranieri talk say he get complete squad to choose from and say striker Jamie Vardy don join for training after he don show for England inside Euro 2016. He kon still talk say “All ogas and players go wan play for Wembley Stadium. Na one of the most obogehne stadium inside the world”. “Dis one no be friendly. We go give am full ginger and Manchester United sef go carry full ginger. Na the two teams wan win am”.

Oga Mourinho wey come after Louis van Gaal don win FA Cup against Crystal Palace for May, don see many comma for how Manchester United pre-season bin go. The game wey we suppose play against Manchester City inside Chinko town for July 25, dey cancel after rain bin scatter pitch. Oga Mourino talk say “Dat week wey nothing bin happen for Chinko town no good at all for us”. “So we need train, we need play, and we need minutes for the players”. “Now we no get any chance to train against other teams. We get Leicester before Premier League go start and e no be training session at all at all-na proper ogboghene game”. “We gats face am like game. We get chance to give minutes some people. Some wey I sabi no fit play for 90 minutes, but e sure say we go try win am”.

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Proper Proper Match Tori


• The only time wey the two teams don jam for Wembley to knack ball na for FA Cup final for 1963 and na Manchester United win am dat day. As dem bin knack Leicester 3-1.

• The two times (inside our house and for their house) wey the two of dem bin knack ball last season inside Premier League na 1-1 end the matter.

• Jamie Vardy manage to break Premier League record wey Bros Ruud Van Nistelrooy don dey carry since. As tear our yansh when we be play dem inside their house for November to make am 11 straight matches wey him don score goals inside that season.

Match Tori For Leicester City

• Dis na Leicester City first showing inside Community Shield since 1971, and dem knack Liverpool 1-0.

• The last time wey dem bin come Wembley na for February 2000 and dem be knack Tranmere 2-1 as dem win Carling Cup (League Cup).

• Leicester wey some people dey call the Foxes don get three wins and one draw inside the last five times wey dem be knack ball for inside Wembley (dem be draw 1-1 with Middlesbrough inside League Cup final before dem kon play re-play for Hillsbrough).

• This na the first time wey Claudio Ranieri go be Oga of team wey go knack ball inside Wembley Stadium.


Manchester United players dey move go Wembley ahead of Community Shield match wey dem get against Leicester City tomorrow.

• Vardy don score one and him don do one assist for three showing for England inside Wembley Stadium.

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Match Tori For Manchester United

• Dis na the 30th showing of Manchester United for Community Shield. We don win am 20 times (abeg make una clap na and make una prouding of our club-e no easy) and dis 20 times na record wey no other club get-16 out of dat 20 times na our own and the remaining 4 times we dey manage am with all dis small small club as elder bros wey we be.

• Manchester United don win Community Shield five inside of the last six times wey we don show for there (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013).

• Also since we lose to Baracelona inside Champions League final for Wembley for 2011, we don win the last four games wey we knack inside Wembley.

• Oga Mourinho no get better record for Community Shield – but dat one go change now wey him don show for our side, as he don only win one inside the last four times wey hin don show for the competition. Dat Agbero bad luck go change for our side.

• Manchester United don lose only one game inside the last 15 wey we knack against Leicester for all the competitions wey we follow dem play. And dat lose na the 5-3 wey dem knack us for oga horny football time for September 2014 (but chai dat man na better bad luck sha). Their record na (W11 D3).

• Bros Zlatan Ibrahimovic don knack ball inside Wembley Stadium only one time and dat time hin Sweden team be lose to England 1-0. After all dis plenty tori l dey believe say our better run for Wembley Stadium go continue and all the bad luck wey Oga Mourinho get for inside Community Shield go change as hin done join us. I dey predict 3-0. Una fit predict for the comments part.

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