“One match, One Trophy, No long thing,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic don Declare

Zlatan Ibrahimovic don already set hin mind-set to winning mentality as e dey wakka enter Wembley Stadium on Sunday to battle Leicester City for the Community Shield title, as the player wey Red Devils sign this summer dey eye hin first trophy for hin Manchester United career.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic go like carry Community Shield trophy 

The Swedish striker go play hin first important match for United in Wembley and e don already let everybody know say e dey ready t0 carry trophies for England, say e no come look uche  face. 

This na wetin Papa Ibro yarn for one interview wey e run for #MUTV after Reporters ask am whether the Community Shield fit person like am.

“Make we see na. Ehen, I believe say the first trophy match na against Leicester. One match, one trophy. E dey my body to carry trophies. I no come here to look Uche face.”


“Na the first trophy match be this and na the first trophy wey we go win this season. For me ehn, every trophy dey important. I don collect 30 trophies for my life and i go like collect more. If i no collect all the trophies for this place, i no go balance yansh well. Na why i dey tap football. I dey play to knack person apako.”

“The place where i bin come from, dem dey play to win. I no come here to lose. I wakka enter here to knack person (win). I believe say na the philosophy for every club, especially club wey carry weight like this one. Dey make dem to win.”

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“Na the way things take be. The first match, one match, we wakka commot with trophy. I don tap ball for Wembley before, but na with national team wen we play against Sweden. The stadium carry weight so e dey hungry me to tap ball for there.”



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