Tactical Analysis: 6 key battles wey go happen when Man Utd jam Leicester City for FA Community shield.


Una sabi say Manchester United get FA cup community shield clash with Leicester City tomorrow by 4pm for Wembley stadium.

Everybody just dey ginger on top the match unto say na chance for Man Utd to show say we mean business this season. E go make sense for Utd to win silverware early for season as e go boost moral for all the players and fans. Leicester City wey win EPL last season too go wan show say their success no be ‘one season wonder’, them go like prove critics wrong. So the match go fierce gaan! 

Papa Ibro talk say him own na just to win – nothing like lose or draw.Him mind don already set for victory and e good like that. But we sabi say to win no be by mouth, the players gots turnup tomorrow and play better football, and tear net make we carry the trophy.

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I don sharply identify 6 key battles wey go happen tomorrow wey go decide who go win. (I pray make Man Utd win o – my bet9ja depend on am)

Predicted XI wey go start for Manchester United and Leicester City:

Man Utd: (4-2-3-1) De Gea; Valencia, Bailly, Blind/Smalling, Shaw; Carrick, Herrera/Fellaini; Martial, Rooney, Mkhitaryan; Ibrahimovich

Leicester City: (4-4-2) Schmeichel; D. Simpson, Morgan, Hernandez/King, Fuchs; Mahrez, Mendy, Drinkwater, Albrighton; Musa/Okazaki, Vardy

Zlatan Ibrahimovich VS Wes Morgan: This go be one of the most important battles for this match especially for first half. We sabi say Wes Morgan na rock, e sabi defend wella. If to say no be footballer him be e for dey shift people jaw for WWE. Him go battle with super striker Zlatan Ibrahimovich; Zlatan sef na huge man and he dey physical. He tall pass Morgan so he go win aerial duels especially for inside 18 yard box. Zlatan don handle tougher defenders throughout him career but make him no underrate Morgan o.


Wayne Rooney VS Hernandez and Fuchs: As we expect say na Baba Roo go play 10 tomorrow, a lot of responsibility dey him head o. He gots lead better attack, link play and open spaces for Leicester City midfield and defence. But Fuchs and Hernandez na midfielders wey if him no turn up dem go frustrate am, choke am make e no see ball play. Rooney gots play quick and accurate attack and dey steady for ground unto say dem physical die if he wan beat them.


Luke Shaw VS Riyard Mahrez: O boi, me sef dey anxious to see how this one go happen. We sabi say Mahrez na one winsh winger wey send every defence for EPL go message last season with im dribbles. He fast, clinical and sabi assist. He go go against our own winsh defender Luke Shaw wey sabi defend and attack. Luke gots put head down match Mahrez stride for stride if not that wing go collect. If Luke fit keep Mahrez quiet then Leicester no go fit bite. I trust Luke sha.

Herrera/Fellaini, Carrick VS Drinkwater, Hernandez/King: BATTLE OF MIDFIELD! This go be the decider who go hold ball pass for the game. I expect say e go tough die unto say both teams get midfielders wey sabi (Although i dey fear for Utd o). Carrick na baba, he sabi pass and tackle but he no too fast. Herrera fast but he no too dey physical but he dey try sha. If na Fellaini wey start he go control things abi they wan collect elbow?  I just thank God say Kante don go join agberos (Chelsea) so the battle na 50-50.


Bailly, Blind vs Vardy, Okazaki/Musa: This one na battle of speed o. Bailly fast and e sabi mark and make sensible tackles so he fit handle these two Leicester winchs Musa and Vardy wey sabi run gaan! My fear na Blind, he too slow, they fit leave am for gutter and e no go fit run catch them again but he sabi mark sha. I pray make Small o dey available for this match as he get speed pass Blind. Our CBs gots turn up o, chook Vardy for pocket.


Mourinho VS Ranieri: The two coachies go dey very important unto say na them go select squad before match start and for second half. Game fit change if coach bring in player wey no dey fit or him style of play no suit the kind tempo wey game dey at that point in time. This one na battle of brains o. I trust Mourinho sha – them no dey call am Baba Special for nothing!

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