‘Bailly chop Emma’s man of the match V Leicester’ How yi con take winnam?

Manchester United don carry first trophy of the season as we open Leicester City yansch for Community shield. But ehhh..the match be hard ohh..Leicester put up very good fight.

As all of us be expect, na Baba Ibra con score winning goal after Leicester level score. Lingard too score some mad goal ehh..yi off 5 Leicester players pants before send keeper go lagoon. But today’s man of the match na Baba B(Bailly). This guy nack ball. Yin gallant for back. Chaiiiiii baba Mou don buy better CB..Baba B I hail ooo!!

Bailly ehhh…kaiikiiiii yin mark sotey ehh..yin pocket Vardy and Okazaki for first half, then for second half as Musa con dey run like mad man like that..yin open other pocket lock Musa inside.

Bailly get pace, yin get power, yin get sense and yin compose untop ball. Yi tcheko all those Leicester attackers con use them dance shoki. If no b dt mumu Fella wey give stupid back pass wey Vardy collect score,we for get clean sheet. Although yin collect yellow card, yin nack ball butchi butchi. Baba B we thank you ohhh.. For this gallant performance I go give am 8.5/10.

MORE: #POGBACK…Wonna Papa!!

Shae wonna accept this rating? Shae u think say different person deserve man of the match? Tok your mind.



One thought on “‘Bailly chop Emma’s man of the match V Leicester’ How yi con take winnam?

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