Five things wey we observe as Manchester United sink Leicester City inside Lagoon (2-1)

The goal wey Jesse Lingard make brain, e send everybody for Leicester City go message 

The Red Devils bin play their first competitive match today, as dem wakka enter Wembley Stadium to face Leicester City, the people wey carry Premier League title last season. 

Manchester United knack Leicester 2-1. The people wey score for United na Jesse Lingard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, The person wey score for Leicester na Jamie Vardy.

We wan sharply tell una the five things wey we observe as Jose Mourinho’s men sink Leicester City (Defending Champions) inside Lagoon.

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The first thing wey we observe na say Maroune Fellaini no get sense. First ehn, na so error passes e dey give. We con think say na the worst wey e fit do be that, we no sabi say hin wan do assist for Jamie Vardy. The way e take win that ball back from Musa, you go think say him wan clear ball go front, be e pass rubbish back pass (the pass no carry weight at all) for De Gea, wey Jamie Vardy take score. Thank God say no be Fellaini he say make he carry israelites commot for Egypt, dem go don reach red sea he go pass dem go back.



The second thing wey we observe for the match na say Jose Mourinho get beef with Juan Mata. For second half, Jesse Lingard bin wound so the United boss con replace am with Mata. We con think say maybe him and the Spanish midfielder don end their beef but before match finish, e con commot Mata from the match and e replace am with Mkhitaryan… E sure me say Mata no wound because as e dey wakka commot, e dey squeeze hin face.

The third thing wey we observe na say Manchester United never gel. Fashi say dem knack Leicester City 2-1 today. Them no play as a team, na individual talents wey save them today, the fact say some players turn up. The first goal, na individual brilliance from Jesse Lingard (The way e take send everybody for Leicester go message, tear net). The second goal, na the ginger wey Antonio Valencia ginger cross ball wey lead to the goal as Zlatan con dey sharp inside box. Jose Mourinho get serious work to do if e wan turn them to Premier League title material.

The fourth thing wey we observe na say Anthony Martial and Wayne Rooney dey struggle. Martial own na since Euro 2016, e never play well. For today match, e just dey lose ball or e go carry am send people go message, cross rubbish. E no pull out any ball wey make sense. E gots find hin form fast fast or e fit chop bench, the boys wey dey bench atm no dey smile. Rooney own, e weak me. E lose ball today sote i confuse. E no even ginger for ball at all. Zlatan dey try link up with am but the guy no wan put body for ball. If Manchester United wan fight for League this season, these two men gots step up and fast.

The last thing wey we observe na say United defence don balance well. Last season, we no get any player wey fast, now wey Eric Bailly don show, e fit join hin speed with the sense wey Daley Blind get and them go cover for each other. Now wey Smalling don well again, i no sabi who go partner Bailly sha, e fit be Smalling, e fit be Blind… Make we dey see as everything turn out.

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The next match wey Manchester United get na against Bournemouth on Sunday, August 14th, Na Premier League Away match.

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