Players report card (ManUtd 2-1 Leicester) community shield 

We all don wait tire make season start make we even see as our team go begin knack ball with hope of say we go fit carry trophy. The opportunity present itself as community shield wey we all sabi say NA him FA dey use open new season.
The match na between us and Leicester as na we two win league and FA cup. Everybody dey look to see Mourinho and of cos Zlatan and the two of dem no disappoint. 

The match end 2-1 and we carry the shield as our first trophy for under Mourinho reign.

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Na the players report card be this 

De Gea: he no do plenty work but he coordinate himself well before and after the goal wey Fellaini dash Vardy. I give am 6

Zlatan Ibrahimovic dey ready to show Premier League teams pepper

Valencia: even though we all sabi say NA one-way traffic, ẹ bẹ like say him one-way na Zlatan route ẹ dey pass. He don do 2 assists for am now. We pray make he continue. I give am 6

Bailly: man of the match, he compose himself well. He no give Vardy any chance for yama yama. I believe say when Smalling come that our back go lock-up. I give am 7

Blind:he get good game. Do some fine passes but I vex say he support Fellaini back-and-forth policy. I give am 5

Shaw: he make some good runs for wing and help the attack. He even defend well, so I give am 6

Carrick: nothing special I no go lie. NA just normal average pass he do. I give am 5

Na Zlatan Ibrahimovic wey score winning goal against Leicester City

Fellaini: I no understand this guy. He play rubbish so tey he give opponent assist. Anyway I give am 4. I no see reason why we dey keep am honestly

Lingard: nice solo run, he know say we need goal and he use him sense run and score. Injury no let us enjoy am finish. I give am 6

Martial:he do some good runs but nobody to exchange pass with to make am run enter defence before dem substitute am. I give am 5

Rooney: he get some pass wey he self mistake for but he still get average game, I go give am 5

Ibrahimovic: he no really do plenty maybe because he no see ball for inside box but the chance he see he take am as na him score the winner for us. I give am 6

Rojo: average game, I give am 5

Herera : he ginger small when he enter. I give am 6

Mata: Mata know say he no fit afford to misbehave where Mourinho dey. He chook body for the match even as he enter and still commot as sub, I give am 5

Schneiderlin : nothing special, I give am 5

Rashford : he disturb their defence small when he dey field. I give am 5

Mkhitaryan : no time to assess am as he enter really late for the match.

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Na the players report card be that, until next week wey the league go start proper make Una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

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