Summary of Everything Wey Happen This Past Week for Manchester United

I just de smile as we go review and summarize everything wey happen for our darling Manchester United this past week. We go also chook small eye enter wetin we de expect for coming week.


No Play for us Again…Go find another club

Make we start from Schweinsteiger matter. Abeg why people de ginger Baba Special? Na by force to play person wey you no like? As Baba Special talk say Schweini no de him plan for the new season, wetin him go de do for dressing room? Football na ruthless business as Baba Special find out on him own when Agberos sack am last season so no room for sentiment at all at all.

All the people wey de rant, make they come carry am comot from our club as we no get space for am. See Bayern president mouth. Him no pursue Gotze comot make them no de pay him wages again even as player declare say him wan stay and fight? Anyway everybody get their mouth sha. I just like as Mourinho reply them end the matter sharply.

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Rooney testimonial against Everton happen for Wednesday. The match no really be like testimonial as many playful things suppose happen for testimonial. Old players suppose enter just come run upandan for pitch with their big belle. But as ManUnited never play many matches use get fitness, we bin need the match to get fitness so we take am serious. Even Everton too use am as proper preseason match. So the match bin accomplish everything wey Mourinho plan apart from winning. Many people get playing minutes for their legs and we play okay.

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Manchester united come play Leicester City for Community Shield on Sunday. We knack them 2-1 and the one wey de score na dash from Baba Fella. Our overall play bin good and I see wetin Mourinho de talk when him say e be like say Van Gaal put things inside their brain wey need to remove. Few times when opening de forward to pass, some people (e.g. Fellaini) de pass go back. We de see the work wey Baba Special de do. E go take time and players to step up and e go happen this season. Bailly na Man-of-the-Match and him deserve am. Lingard goal na Messi style. Abeg make person help me ask am where him de get him celebration from. Baba Ibro do wetin him de do best- score important goals. wetin Akagum bin de talk sef say him go struggle because of his age? Mtcheeewwwww bad belle Wenger.


One Game One Trophy

Paul Pogba matter don de finally reach conclusion. Juventus don accept bid for him transfer and permission to do him medical. Pogba is Back and we de happy. But I bin de wonder why Allegri de do gragra. him don order back on Monday? Na winsh him go see no be our Pogba abeg. And the timing bin de very perfect too. Because as we wan play Community Shield, win or lose, Pogba transfer go lift our hearts so the plan am well.


This coming week na just to train well plan how we go knack Bournemouth like 3-0 as revenge for 2-1 they beat us last season.

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