Rio Ferdinand don yarn hin mind ontop Paul Pogba: E fit turn World Best for Man United


Rio Ferdinand dey wish Pogba luck

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand don yarn hin mind ontop the new Red Devil signing ‘Paul Pogba’…

Na for hin (Ferdinand) facebook account wey e drop am, and we just talk say make we share wetin e talk with una.

Letter wey Rio Ferdinand write ontop Paul Pogba (In Pidgin)


From the first time wey i sight am, when e wakka commot from treatment room, i sabi say this boy go be winsh. Manchester United bin sign am from Le harve and as Red Devils sign am, everybody for France con dey yarn about am, as dem know say e sabi ball. I hear say Red Devils bin try hard to sign am then, so e bin dey hungry me to see am tap ball, make i know why dem dey scream hin name up and down.

Back then, e still be small pikin but e tall sha but the kind ginger wey e get ehn, the way him take carry himself. The small pikins wey train with am and the coaches bin dey always talk about am, say e sabi ball and say hin dey matured.

So one day ehn, i tell myself say i go watch am play ball alongside another person wey get sabi ball ‘Ravel Morrison’. The fact say e tall, and e big, bin make am stand out, the kind passes wey e bin dey throw self. E go stand, dey fling passes go everywhere. E sabi tear net from outside box.

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Paul bin sabi wetin e want – E bin wan turn Star player, to hin abilities. E bin know say e gots work hard onto say for this life, person wey get talent, if e no work hard, e no fit improve. If you watch am then ehn, you go know say e sabi play ball, e sabi show skills for training, and e bin dey work hard for training ground. Paul na person wey no dey influenced by others, anything wey e wan do, na wetin e go do.

I remember one time when i bin wakka go watch our youth team players train.. I con see say some of our pikins (Paul, Ravel and Januzaj) dey chill for one side, while the rest the train. I con question dem say “Wetin una dey do for here? Una wan turn Top players? U think say if you dey only work hard when you feel like, say the manager go notice una, to chook una for first team?”

As i talk am ehn, them self sabi wetin dem dey do dey wrong but i remember say Paul Pogba bin dey talk say e suppose dey first team! Out of all hin talents ehn, na hin confidence wey be the best thing about am. When Paul begin train with first team wella, i remember say Paul Scholes bin dey tackle am (kick am enter grass) everytime… The thing con make am tough, e bin show say e dey brave and say e no dey fear anything. All the people wey dey first team them, bin no question hin ability.

We bin all sabi say Man United bin free am to move to Juventus but before e wakka commot, i go meet am when e bin dey chill for one corridor at Carrington and i tell am say e dey make mistake to go there, say “Italian League no make brain, say their stadiums no full,etc” but as i bin dey talk, e tell me say the deal dey done. I con tell am say “Wetin you wan become self?, shey na top player at the best club or what?…” Paul con look me, then e con yarn with calmness say “The Best Player wey dey this world”…As i wakka commot leave am, wetin e talk bin dey my mind onto say, i bin dey expect am to talk say e want see chance to play ball or e need playing time. This boy bin dey reason past that one! This Boy ehn, the kind confidence wey e get carry weight.

Now make we fast foward to present day, e never turn world best yet sha  but e get serious potential and as e don wakka enter back Old Trafford again, e fit be the next United player after Cristiano Ronaldo to win World Best. Manchester United gots build their team around small pikins wey dey hot like Martial, Lingard, Rashford and Pogba. Na Pogba go lead our pikins – na wetin e want.

I just wan wish am luck.



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