How Paul Pogba fit improve Manchester United? 


Paul Pogba don show 

  • Paul Pogba na Manchester United player.
  • The French international fit ginger Red Devil to the 2016/17 Premier League title. 
  • How the 23-year-old go improve United 

Manchester United don confirm say Paul Pogba na Red Devils player, na better tori wey sweet my belle.

With the kind players (Eric Bailly, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Paul Pogba) wey wakka enter United this summer, e sure me say Jose Mourinho and hin boys fit fight for 2016/17 Premier League title.

As the 23-year-old don finally gree say wakka enter Old Trafford, we wan sharply talk about wetin e fit bring to the table, wey go help our title charge.

The first place where e fit help United wella, na the fact say e sabi tear net. E sabi score from head, e sabi tear net from outside box. After Paul Scholes bin retire, The Red Devils bin struggle to replace am as e no dey easy to find midfielder wey sabi score. As Pogba don show now, e fit dey score some kind important goals wey go help us win Premier League title.

The second place where e fit help us na say hin strong. E get power. Before Pogba wakka enter, the only United midfielder wey get power na Fellaini but Baba Fella no  too sabi pass like that. Now wey Paul don gree come back, e fit dey bully opposing teams for midfield. The fact say e sabi pass wella na plus self. E fit dey throw pass wey go tear defence yansh.

Another thing wey e fit bring to the table (like Zlatan Ibrahimovic) na say e get confidence and ginger to tap football at the highest level. The fact say him even dey try win World Best go make am play confirm ball. E don tey wey United dey find midfielder wey fit carry ball run go front, to attack as Herrera sabi attack but e no strong, Carrick sabi pass but e no sabi run, Fellaini get power but e no sabi pass and Schneiderlin na error since wey e wakka Old Trafford. Now wey Pogba don show, na hin go lead our attack from midfield. So make teams dey expect hot shot.

The last place where e fit help United na say e tall, so e fit dey help our defence anytime wey opposing teams wan play corner kicks, free-kicks, etc.


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