Olote to Arsenal: We buy Pogba & Baba Ibro. Una buy de Chinko versions! Dey beef go.

United fans, I go like make we calm down first!


Arsene Wenger dey buy cheap players

We dey joli say we don get Paul Pogba back and Baba Ibro sef. Ibrahimovic don even dey tear net already. Mita Mita wey be one of de best players from Bundesliga sef don join body. Eric Bailly wey be like rock for defense sef, we chop knuckle wit am. And we kolobi one of de best coachies wey dey dis world, Baba Special.

But ontop all dis tins wey I list put for ground som pipu still dey hate. My eye dey red and na Arsenal go suffer am for dis first edition of Olote.

Arsenal pipu yarn say money wey we dey spend don too much. Imagine o! Even dia Baba Ijebu sef open mouth dey yarn dust last week ontop Pogba mata. Na only one question I get for dem: Shey na una money we use buy am?

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We buy Baba Ibro, dem go buy de chinko version for Japan. Dem say hin name na Takuma Asano (see as pesin name sound like konck ontop stubborn boy head). Dem try buy Vardy hin dash dem ela. Naso Benzema dash dem ela last season sef. Even Higuain sef befor e join body wit Napoli dat year and now wey hin finally join Juve.

Arsenal no dey tire? Last last now na dat dia trophy of top four every year dem go dey fight for. When dia mates dey carry UEFA Champe and Premier League. Ordinary Capital One Cup sef Baba Ijebu neva carry for hin career. If dis man na my coachie I go don carry am sell for OLX tey tey (go ask Baba Philosophy and Moyes as e dey go for Old Trafford).

Hin say hin go buy striker for una abi? Make una tanda dia make pant dey wear una. De “secret signing” wey hin get na dat Chinko striker (Asano) and one Rob Holding wey hin bone neva done to tap ball for EPL.

Una dey win for pre-season una dey happy. Use dat one carry Champe nah! Abi make we dash una one inside de three wey dey our cabinet?. Go work for your own too.

Una remember say una defense don kpafuka finish wit Gabriel Paulista and Mertesacker wey get wounjur? So dat defense don turn 3rd mainland bridge now wey everybody go dey pass enta. Make dem quick bring una sef, my Will Keane go tear net wit hat-trick.

But wait o! Make I no lie, e pain me say una beat us once last season o. Na repeat of 8-2 we go do una if we catch una dis season. Ibro go do hat-trick first, Rooney go do as e always dey do una. Then our small pikin players go follow. Rashford and Lingard go too shine dat day.

As for de odas like Agberos, Liverpool, City, Barcelona and Real Madrid wey dey read dis post dey laff Arsenal, na turn by turn. Una turn go come. Na Baba Ijebu and hin boys chop am for today..

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Olote of Man Utd 1


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