Important facts about Paul Pogba deal – Why dem announce am at midnight? who settle Raiola?

Paul Pogba na Manchester United player

Paul Pogba bin wakka enter Manchester United for world record £89m from Juventus. But why Red Devils announce am overnight? 

The French international don sign five-year-deal with the club wey e wakka commot from in 2012. But Upon say this deal carry serious weight, na by 12:35am on Tuesday Morning Manchester United confirm am… 

We don sharply explain why for una, and wetin happen, wey make dem do am like that.

 Wetin make United announce Paul Pogba deal at 12:35am? 

Manchester United supporter bin wake up when Day break on Tuesday morning and they con see say their club don sign Paul Pogba. The midfielder don dey for Carrington, Manchester since Monday afternoon but e dey very unusual say United confirm am midnight, when many people dey sleep. This na the reasons why dem do am. 

“I know say Jose Mourino go like make Paul Pogba begin train sharp sharp. The fact say confirm am, mean say e go fit show face for Carrington to work on Tuesday morning.” 

“United also bin wan announce the deal before Juventus, as una sabi say Juve bin steal their show on Sunday as dem (Juve) wey first talk say Pogba go do medical. Another interesting thing be say the news commot in time for Far East financial markets and prime-time US TV.” 

“Na with one expensive Chevrolet car wey dem use pick Paul from airport, carry am go Carrington on Monday. Na the first time wey this kind thing dey happen. E go remind you say adidas bin play key role in this deal.” 

How much Manchester United go table for Pogba?

The money wey United go pay for am na €105m, and if you convert am to pounds na £89m. O Boi, see big money, and to think say Juve collect am from United for £1.5m in. 2012. 

However, the money fit increase if Juventus activate hin add-on fee wey be £5m. 

Na who settle Mino Raiola? And How much e collect? 

Last month, Sky Sports bin report say the deal get k-leg ontop who go settle Paul Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola as United and Juve bin dey drag am. Raiola bin want €20m but Juve and United bin dey push am to one another (dem two bin no wan carry the responsibility). 

As the deal don complete now, e sure me say one of them for don settle am. Reports wey we dey hear na say Manchester United no pay even one Pound (£), say na Juventus settle agent fee. If you ask Juve now, dem go talk say na lie. 

When e (Paul Pogba) go play hin first match for Manchester United this season? 
Pogba fit play this Sunday, na Premier League Away match wey United get against Bournemouth. 

MORE: PART 1 – Paul Pogba First interview for Manchester United: “Una go hear am”

Where Jose Mourinho go fit Paul Pogba, in hin team?

Baba Special get many players wey fit play midfield but we know say e go make room for Paul Pogba for the heart of hin midfield.

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