Manchester United winger Adnan Januzaj wan move go Sunderland after Mourinho embrass am

Red Devils winger Adnan Januzaj dey vess for the United boss Jose Mourinho after Baba Special tell am say make e go train with Under-21s. As everything be now, e be like say him wan wakka commot from Old Trafford. 

The Belgium international Januzaj dey linked to Sunderland (loan move) after Mourinho dump am from senior team. Now the 21-year-old dey train with United U-21s.


Mourinho don even collect the Number 11 shirt wey Manchester United give the 21-year-old, and e hand am to Anthony Martial. The winger talk say Jose never give am any explanation.

Adnan Januzaj bin score two goal against Sunderland in 2013

The Winger dey vess say Manchester United wan loan am to Sunderland as him go like wakka commot from Old Trafford permanently, e don tire am.



E be like say Adnan Januzaj go blow but as David Moyes wakka commot, e begin play rubbish

Januzaj go like move permanently to either Serie A or La Liga, but United wan ship am to Sunderland, so e go fit learn work small (loan) with former boss David Moyes.

One of Adnan Januzaj’s paddy talk say hin friend dey vess, say Mourinho dey disgrace am, say him suppose be first team player.

The thing dey pain Januzaj pass onto say e bin employ person fitness trainer during the summer break to epp am full ground, so e go fit enter senior team but as Baba Special no send am now, e be like say e waste money.

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Januzaj believe say Jose Mourinho no give am enough time to show himself for pre-season.


Jose Mourinho no send Adnan Januzaj 

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