Q&A: Andy Cole don react ontop Paul Pogba transfer

Manchester United legend Andy Cole don yarn ontop MUTV, after Red Devils announce say the France international Paul Pogba don wakka commot from Juventus, enter their club… 

As you hear say Manchester United don sign Paul Pogba, e sweet you?

Ehen na, if i go judge by wetin e ball when e dey Juventus, then i go talk say e sweet me gan! Him na top player and everybody dey happy say e don come back.

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Out of all the skills wey Paul Pogba get, which one you like pass? 

I love the fact say e get power – e get power for midfield. I don watch am when e still be pikin for United, and i don watch am wella when e wakka enter Juventus, you fit see as e dey run up and down the pitch. E sabi tear defence yansh with pass and e bin tear net last season. E dey like involve himself for match, e dey like make ball dey hin leg.

Shey him na the type of player wey we don lack for Midfield? 

Ehen na, onto say e get power from box to box. The modern day football wey una dey see so, the people wey fit do that kind box to box ginger no plenty and e (Paul) fit do am. Our midfield dey lack that kind thing. Thank God say we don get am now.

The kind big money wey United use to attract am, the money heavy sote Real Madrid fear run commot. How you see am? 

E be like say Madrid bin no get the money to pay for am self, na wetin i read from the reports wey i see, dem no get level. Also, if Paul Pogba wakka enter United for football reasons too ehn, upon say United no dey Champions League, na big statement. E mean say e sure am say Manchester United get bright future.


The money wey United table for Pogba, many people dey talk about am say e too much. How you see am? 

The money big o, make i no lie, but na how football take be nowadays. If you wan sign player wey be winsh, then you gots pay better money. The money wey football dey make self, too much. So, if you wan buy player from club and dem talk say make you bring £80million or £90million, then you no get choice na, you gots pay am. E sweet me say we don sign top player for the club, and e still be pikin, so the best years of hin career fit happen for here.

Jose Mourinho don sign all the four people wey e talk say United go buy. Shey you like the way Red Devils ginger for transfer market this summer? 

Ehen, e dey make my head swell, everybody dey happy na. For the past few seasons, we just dey buy payers… i no even sabi whether na to add number to the squad or to just show say we fit sign people. But Mourinho don enter and e talk say United need four players, and say the club go buy them and na wetin dem do. This summer dey remind me of the days of Sir Alex Ferguson. Baba Fergi wey go talk say him wan buy player and e sure say e go buy am 90%.

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