Three things wey Man United gots do if dem wan knack AFC Bournemouth


Paul Pogba fit play ball against AFC Bournemouth 

The first Premier League match wey Manchester United get this season na against AFC Bournemouth for Dean Court Stadium. The match go happen on Sunday 14, August.

The match go be Jose Mourinho’s first Premier League match as Red Devils manager and e go like start am with three (3) points. The Reds bin lose against Bournemouth last season under former manager Louis van Gaal, so dem go wan revenge and knack  dem apako. 

We wan sharply talk about the three things wey United gots to to wakka commot from Dean Court with three points.

The first thing wey Jose Mourinho and hin men gots do, na to start Paul Pogba. Fashi say na new signing, Paul don already sabi English football as e don dey Old Trafford before before. Also, Paul don already sabi the United pattern of play, as e don tap ball with some of the players wey dey senior team like Rooney, Carrick and Lingard. Another reason why e gots start na say the guy strong wella, and e tall so that fit be advantage to the Reds. The only problem na who Mourinho go pair am with, whether na Herrera, or Carrick or Schneiderlin or Fellaini. Na Baba Special go decide that one sha.

The second  thing wey the Reds gots do na to dey mindful of Bournemouth attack. For one of their pre-season matches, AFC Bournemouth draw 1-1 against Valencia for Vitality Stadium. That one go tell you self say dem sabi play ball so make Mourinho and hin men no underate them. As Chris Smalling no fit play the match ontop the red card wey e collect for FA Cup final last season, e mean say Baba Special go start Eric Bailly and Daley Blind for back. Them two gots dey sharp for the match.

The last thing wey the Reds gots do to knack AFC Bournemouth na to feed Zlatan Ibrahimovic ball inside box. Zlatan na person wey sabi tear net wella but as wise man go talk : “na person wey see chance to score fit tear net but if chance no come, e go drop deep.”…. The last game wey United play, na only one chance wey Zlatan see, na hin e take score… Ball no reach front sote, the guy begin drop deep (midfield) so hin leg go touch ball. Him and Rooney self gots click. Them no too click against Leicester. If United players fit feed Ibrahimovic enough balls inside box, e sure me say United go knack Bournemouth like 3-0.

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Jose Mourinho go do hin press conference ontop the match on Friday and we go feed una for pidgin, after e yarn hin mind ontop the match.

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