SAM: Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Fit give Manchester United 10 Jara Points

Zaltan and Pogba

According to one obonge machine wey oyinbo people dey call SAM (Sports Analytics Machine) Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba fit cause 10 jara points for Manchester United inside dis new season wey wan start so.

Paul Pogba wey be 23 years bin enter United after dem pay £89m ontop hin head while Ibrahimovic wey be 34 enter as dash after hin contract bin finish for Paris St Germain.

People wey sabi Maths wella (wey oyinbo people dey call Statisticians) for University of Salford’s Centre for Sports Business, use plenty winchi Maths take perform magic wey make see as the results for different sports go take be for future.

Dem be do this Pogba and Zaltan own for Premier League 10,000 times to confirm say the machine no dey lie.

Ibrahimovic bin score 38 goals for inside French League last season wey PSG bin carry league and SAM don talk say only hin fit give United like 8 points jara. Pogba do 12 assists last season for Serie-A where Juventus bin win league and SAM kon talk say na 1.3 points jara him go carry give United-wey go come everything 10 jara points. E kon continue hin talk say make fans no fear oh as Pogba na better buy and make we no mind olotes wey dey say hin money too much because the guy go tap ball well for us and hin future bright like shine shine bobo.

If una add 10 jara points to wettin we bin get last season we for finish for 2nd instead of 5th wey baba “horny football” go allow make we finish but nothing lose sha as we don ready gidibam for dis season.

SAM dey reason plenty things like which team dey house, the ginger of the two teams wey won knack ball, the ginger of the other teams wey dem don follow knack ball and the kind players wey dis teams bin get.


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