Liverpool scatter Arsenal: Xhakara don end

Woooo… We don come again oh for banter matter, Liverpool finish Arsenal today; ball end 4-3.

Season don start and Arsenal fans bin dey hope say Dem go send Liverpool go lagoon but nothing come out for them. 

Arsenal first go school, when Theo Walcott score after em miss penalty, Arsenal fans no go come let us hear word.

Before we see, Coutinho com score one mad free kick like that before first half finish.

When second half start, Lallan com score one mad goal like that to make am 2-1. Coutinho com score again to make am 3-1. By this time Wenger head don dey explode.

Coutinho con add em second goal after Clyne give one mad cross like that, e score to make am 4-1.

Arsenal come start to dey vex small o, Chamberlain enter go score to make the game 4-2 and later Chambers come score last goal to make am 4-3 ball come end like that.


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