Manchester United Fans Don Yarn For Twitter As Southampton chop Am: Na So we Dey Do Am

Oboi, see us see wahalla. Wettin person no go see for Premier League, Na so our opponent come Old Trafford wan spoil party for Baba Mourinho, but our boys show them who them who sabi pass.

Water come pass garri as Ibracadabra show them say age no be football, but football Na with sense as he show them say he sabi score sef for English League. Na so our latest golden bros #Pogback show why we buy am for amount wey some people dey beef..(e no go better for rivals wey be enemy of progress).

We come do amebo see as our fellow paddy dem for twitter dey make social media hot, me sef I follow them see say then mind don cool down well well as we no dey in the era of Baba Philo( make Ina no vex say I call him name).

Oya make Una see as fans dey dance Skelwu as we dey sit down on top table for week 2 as at the time we play our second game.

@MomoFromTogo: Make Una sleep for coffin Southampton.

@Kennagq:as then the old man don finish, baba come score again, omo it can pain die.

@MzLanre: I fit die for Manchester United my style different.

@thenanaaba: Baba Ibracadabra fit cure cancer and dandruff.

@ Debbs_Williams: see as other fans dey paara, as them wan share out of our blessing.

@rattlesnake: If bros Jesus come this night now, Manchester United go be Premier League champions, and Ibracadabra go be highest goal scorer.

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@SlimDandyMUFC: Ibracadabra no be Una papa mate for Premier League.

@eldeeTheDon: This Na who we be Manchester United.

@biolakazeem: if you still get wahalla with afro Fellaini game this night, then you need to go yaba left.

@Osi_Suave: Bailey don nack person waist apako, see as he do kukere.


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