‘Papa Ibro win Emma’s man of the match v Soton.’ How yi con take winnam?

For this Friday night football wey it be take place for Old Trafford ehh. United knack Soton bushi bushi. This match be be na Baba special yin first home game for OT as United manager for official match. We con win 2-0. Who win man of the match?

Papa Ibro don talk again. Chaiiiiii this man na born winner. As yi be talk yi no come United for come look Uche face. Yi come na to win, and na so yi don dey do as yi take cane flog Soton two for yansch.

For this match #pogback start as all we be dey expect, and yi ball wella. Yi just dey do showboating dey take fool Soton players. All our players play ball wella especially baba fella and Pogba. But na papa Ibro win man of the match.

Papa Ibro just pocket Soton defenders. Van Dijk and Fonte no be fit hold him down. For the first goal yin blow Fonte like fly con head Rooney cross inside post, and for the second goal, yin send Soton keeper make yin go buy cigar then he score penalty. overall for the match yi play very well. Yin link up play be be very good and yi dey bring confidence for the whole squad. As I dey talk like this, my heart just dey jolly..shae una know say na papa Ibro be captain for my fantasy premier league? Points don sure me well. For this yin performance, we say make we give am 8. 5/10 as yi win man of the match.

Shae u agree with this rating? You think say papa Ibro no deserve am? Oya comment below tell us wety u think.

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