Players report card (ManUtd vs Southampton) 2-0

Yesterday na our first game for Old Trafford for this new season as we Red  Devils face Saints of Southampton.

Stadium full as fans come see our stars dem especially Zlatan and Pogba. Dem two no kúkú disappoint as dem make sure say we knack dem better akpako.

All our players put body for the match, even Mourinho join as we see that time wey him self control ball for touch line.

As the match end 2-0,e mean say na we still dey top the table and we go settle down relax watch all the weekend match wey remain. Make we see as the other teams go take their hand do themselves.

Na the players report card be dis, make una enjoy am

DeGea : he no do any mistake for the game even as he no make plenty saves but he relate well with him defenders. I give am 6

Bailly :the new minister of defence. He dey composed for the game and even when time reach for am to make that sense tackle to block shot for our box he do am well. Smalling don get serious competitio.  I give am 7

Blind: he try well for the game as he follow Bailly hold the defense tight. Na sense he apply where he know say him power no reach. I give am 6.

Valencia: new improved Valencia, the guy don impress me well. He defend him side well and him runs dey good but Martial no help am make am easy. I give am 6

Shaw: he impress well as he even charge go front help us win penalty. He show say he Wan hold this full back position permanently for himself. I give am 6

Pogba : na from the day wey dem sign am he don show say he dey ginger to play. As dem blow whistle he start action straight. Him tackles and pass dey very good and he hold the midfield like general. He for score or make assist but him ginger too much. I give am 7

Fellaini : anything wey Mourinho give am chop make he dey chop am go. Make he just increase him speed and make him passes dey accurate. I like say he no let Pogba too overshadow am, I give am 7

Martial : he lose focus for this game. He get plenty chances and he slow and waste them. I give am 5

Mata : him self don dey mark and tackle as we see say him self know say Mourinho no get chance for rubbish. I give am 6

Rooney : he get some good moves but he dey slow and do some wrong passes self. Need to improve well on many parts of him game. I give am 6

Ibrahimovic : Zlatan the chairman, he no too touch ball but when he touch for opponent half na Wàhálà for dem. He do one wrong pass wey dem almost Wan score us but he apologise and score for us. I give am 7

Substitutes :

Mkhitaryan : he show some good touches for the game. When he finally settle for the team he go be good play maker. I give am 6

Herrera : he enter late but he follow close the midfield well. I give am 6

Smalling : too late to judge am but at least himself feature for the film.

Wetin you think?

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