Ian Wright: Jose Mourinho don wake up the giant wey dey sleep for Manchester United

Former Arsenal and England striker believe say special days dey around the corner for Baba Special. 

Manchester United bin put English football inside their pocket for two decades under Sir Alex Ferguson but after e retire, the club con fall inside gutter as the managers (David Moyes and Louis van Gaal) wey take over from am flop sote the Reds struggle to qualify for Champions League. 

But from everything wey don happen so far this season, i dey feel say something big go happen for Old Trafford again. And e mean say wahala fit dey for the rest of the Premier League.

We all sabi say Jose Mourinho na the master of timing. The guy sabi make entrance abeg, out of all the people wey dey this world, e sabi manage fame wella self.

Right now, e go dey jolly with the way hin life for Manchester United take start. The kind feeling wey everybody get now, na like say Red Devils go experience days wey go dey similar to the Eric Cantona, Andrei Kanchelskis and Co era.

I no dey try talk say United go push everybody inside dustbin and carry League title just like that.

But e sure me say dem go balance yansh wella for top four again.

Now, e be like say everybody wan tap ball for the Reds again. Very soon, if people wan play them, dem go dey piss for body.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Wayne Rooney, David De Gea, Eric Bailly, Anthony Martial — Like play like play, dem dey turn into Galacticos of the Premier League.

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I got admit say Jose Mourinho wakka enter the club at the right time. If say na immediately after when Fergie retire, e take over, things for dey hard onto say dem no go free am to buy who him want.

But now, Baba Special dey for Special club and the special days dey come.

Wetin you think?

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