Everything to Ginger Una for Hull City vs Manchester United


Manchester United go dey waka go KCOM stadium for the next EPL match wey we get against Hull City for Saturday by 5.30 p.m. Normal normal una fit get all the tori wey dey shele inside the match for @manutdinpidgin ontop twitter. And for una wey sabi our normal pattern we go dey give una all the curry, thyme, pepper and salt about the match with one correct celebrity before the match proper go start ontop dis our twitter page sef. Dis week na the papa of rap music for 9ja a.k.a RuggedyBaba dey come to follow us yarn matter wey concern Manchester United and the match. Bros go dey drop flows for us ontop the twitter page as per wettin hin dey expect from Manchester United inside the match and season so e go better make una sharply go follow us so una no go miss any of hin flows.

Also we don carry another pattern come for all our ogbonge people as we don join hand with SociaLiga to dash all our people better something for our predict and win. For una wey no sabi as the matter dey shele, make una sharply sharply go read am for here.

Manchester United don carry better ginger enter the season as we don knack all the teams wey we don play better flogging. Dis season na serious matter as we no come look anybody face and we no wan sabi anybody tori. All the people wey don knack ball for us dis season dey ginger wella sote our iroko tree wey get hair-Bros Fellani don dey collect appladise from better better people.

Small Tori Tori about Dis Match

Hull city defender Harry Maguire don come back from hinkwekwe injury but me dey advise am make hin no play as hin go too chop am form Bros Ibro hand because that one na constant k. For our side we fit field the same people wey knack ball for us against Southampton. One better news for us be say dat boy wey like to dey dab-Lingard (na boy I talk na Pogba na Bros) don start to dey train and hin fit dey bench for dis match.

Proper Proper Match Tori


  • Hull City never win any of the former former 11 league and cup games weydem knack ball against Manchester United and dem be lose 10 – na confirm fact say dem no sabi kobo kobo.
  • The last time wey dem knack ball against us na the first time dem go pick point but dem still relegate sef – their own tiger no just sabi.
  • Dem don send two of our players commot for pitch for the last two matches wey we knack ball against Hull City (Antonio Valencia and MarouaneFellani).
  • The last time wey Hull City be flog us na 23 November 1974, (nawa oh see history we dey use their picture fan body).

Hull City

  • Na only one substitution dem don make inside the two league games wey dem don play – na the player Shaun Maloney be score and do assist for dem when dem be knack Swansea for last weekend – dat one na Swansea portion ko kan aye na Manchester United we be.
  • If dem win (inside their dream) na dem go be the second side wey transport come from Championship to kon win their first 3 Premier League games. Bolton be do am for 2001-02 season.
  • Na only one time before wey be say team wey win their first two matches don waka back go Championship – Wolves for 2011-12. Nobody don go Championship after dem win their first three matches.
  • Hull never use plenty player (12) but na four different people don tear net for dem.
  • Abel Hernandez don tear net five times inside seven before before league games for Hull minus play-offs (who he epp – he never jam Eric Bailly na why hin dey smart).
  • Ahmed Elmohamady don show for inside all the 78 Premier League matches wey Hull City don play since the start of 2013-14.

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Manchester United

  • We don win our three first matches of Premier League season four different times before (2003, 2005.2006 and 2011) but na for only 2006-07 we be carry league.
  • Na only one game remain before we go reach 700 away defeat inside league.
  • Na only two goals remain before we go reach 800 away Premier League goals.
  • Bros Ibra don tear net three times inside two league games (abeg appladise for Bros).
  • Bros Ibra don tear net 25 times inside 31 league showings wey he don do (na 41 goals hin don score totally).
  • Papa Kia – Bros Rooney don tear net seven times inside hin last five Premier League games against Hull City.

My own prediction be say we go too knack dem anyhow but I go leave una to talk score line so una go fit carry our price.


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