Jose Mourinho don react ontop Hull City win: We knack dem for ‘Fergie Time’

E dey sweet Jose Mourinho, the way hin side take ginger till match finish

The way Manchester United take knack Hull City today sweet Jose Mourinho – Them tear their yansh “in Fergie Time” – as the Reds wakka commot with three points from KC Stadium. The truth be say dem deserve the Victory, dem play better ball and dem no give up. This na wetin the manager yarn after the match…

E sweet me, i fit talk say we knack dem for Fergie Time

“[Sir Alex Ferguson] na legend for this club and e sweet me say i fit talk say we knack dem in ‘Fergie Time’. The win sweet my belle.”

I bin no give up, i sabi say we go tear their yansh before match finish

“I know say people go dey talk say na luck dey our side onto say we score late but the truth be say we deserve am na, especially for the way we take ball them for second half. We control match, we use ginger ball dem and we attack dem wella and e bin sure me say the goal go come.”

We gots hail our opponents sha, dem try

“I gots dey honest o, Hull City try wella today, their defence be like stone. They (Hull City) bin no fit do counterattack onto say our defence self try and everytime wey we lose ball, we ginger win am back. But i dey reason say dem try wella, i gots hail dem and if say na me be their chairman, i for don employ Mike Phelan as coach. For everybody eye, dem try their best for am. Them no fit play pass wetin dem do today and i wan hail Mike and hin Hull boys.”

Na Marcus Rashford tear Hull City yansh for dying minute

Rashford ginger gan for the match – E contribute wella

“I gots hug am o! Marcus Rashford dey try abeg and the both times wey the team bin dey find goal and i put am, e try. The Community Shield match at 1-1, and Today again when e still be 0-0, e wakka enter field and e impact the match. Everybody just dey yarn about how him and Zlatan Ibrahimovic take dey play together, dem dey gel. I dey reason say if e work more, e fit dey play from the wings but this pikin na striker abeg and when we play him and Ibra together, we dey worry defence. Sometimes, Ibra go drop back ontop say e like make ball dey hold ball for hin feet and Rahford go dey attack the line onto say e fast. Na everything we try for this match.”

I bin no fit commot Fellaini 

“I bin dey reason say make i commot Fellaini for the last change but fear bin dey catch me, make dem no go use set-pieces worry us. That kind thing fit happen, you go dey dominate person for match, den they go con see chance from set-piece and you go lose match. Maroune na special guy, e dey try for defence and i dey reason say everybody try and dem put body for ball.”

The fans bin know say we dey give everything

“The spirit wey we get no be for here. With the way this match take go, na only person wey wan win everything go win am. If you relax and you con reason say one point no bad, then you no go win, but the boys bin ginger till the last minute. I dey pity Hull sha but we deserve am and the way the fans take support us, make brain, especially for second half, dem sabi say we dey try our best.”

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Our aim na to carry Premier League title

“Our aim na only one – to carry League title. If when season end, and na second or third or fourth, e mean say someone bin better pass us, but if you finish fifth or sixth, e mean say you no try. You gots play to win every match. If we no win, then na so e take be, but our mentality na to win everything and na why our boys dey give everything. The kind way i dey feel when i dey see people on the bench wey dey suffer, but as we tear net, dem go jump up dey celebrate. E dey make my head swell say i fit work with these guys.”


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