Rashford win Emma’s Man of the Match v Hull City. How yi con take winnam?

Omo! This match wey United just play against Hull City ehh…Hmmmm.. The match be just dey some kind. Fashi say we win the game, I no b be impressed at all. Mike Phelan boys do ‘Operation pack the bus’ and it be hard us to break them down, but Rashidi Rashidi con enter burst their tyre. Next time if them want pack bus make them buy better tyres.

Hull City try sha, but in the end we be get to collect the three points cuz we no dey look Uche face. Many of our players no really perform like that. Martial and Rooney (fashi dat wonderful dribble and assist, yin play rubbish all match) gots sit up!

As Hull City do ‘Operation try break us down’, Baba special con put Mita Mita and Rashidi and they enter change match. These two ball wella. I no even know why them they bench them before. It be hard me for choose between them two who change match pass, but as na Rashidi score winning goal, na y dt I give am MOTM.

Forget say this boy na still teen. Yin be the real deal. Yin dey play like live wire. Defenders no dey fit pick am up for this match. As yin enter match, yin build up play con accelerate pace of match. I no b know whether na Messi I dey watch or na Rashidi. Yin be too good.

The way this boy dey take run ehh…Chaiiiiii…na only to foul am cuz yin dey run like flash and then yi con dey very good on the ball. United get talent. Yin too disturb Hull City defense, and then come crown am up with goal. Abeg make everybody Hala say ‘Rashidi for ballon d’or’. Pikin u too musch. For this victory wey u give us and for your good work today, I give u 8/10.

You be be head and shoulders above all the other players today. Abeg drink one Hennessey for my name for your bill.

Other notable performers na Mita Mita and Eric Kunta Kinte.

MORE: Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira don wakka enter Granada on loan

Shae you disagree with my MOTM? You think say another player deserve am?Oya yarn below.



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