Players report card (Hull City vs ManUtd) 0-1

hmm,  my peopl,  tori for no finish yesterday night but as God no dey commot for him people back He no let our enemies laugh our situation .

After our 100% record for the league na so Hull City decide say dem Wan pour sand sand for our garri to spoil the record. The match tie wrapper as we try our best to score, the chances dey come but ball no gree enter net (but we know say delay no be denial)till when Mourinho carry Rashford the golden child enter and he Tear Pant as usual. 

The match sweet body well as e show say we fit struggle grind out result when matter hard small for field. Hull City self try for the game but we all know say ‘baba na baba’. Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am

DeGea : he no really get plenty work to do for the game as na just to catch small ball but he control all the back pass wey dem give am accurately. I give am 6

Bailly: he get really good game even though we see that ďeflection wey remain small make he score own goal. He control the defence well and I give am 7

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Shaw: he do many runs go front for the match and he cover defence well especially that time wey he block Snodgrass from the ball wey he Wan score us wey give am injury. I give am 7

Valencia: him pull out game NA ogbanje but our players no connect am well. NA him ginger the attack from defence pass. Him don cement him position for the team. I give am 8

Blind: fine player. Where he know say him power no go gree am, he go just apply common sense use handle the matter. I give am 8

Pogba: special adviser on all midfield matters. NA Pogba run the whole show for first half. He dictate play and he try some attempts to score. I give am 7

Fellaini : I surprise how he get yellow card early for the game and he no get red till match finish. He also do one better floating pass from midfield to the other end of the wing. He just need to dey more careful with him tackles and learn to drive forward more. I give am 7

Mata: he no really get plenty opportunities for the game but he try small. I give am 6

Martial : ẹ bẹ like say that family issue dey still worry am. He get very poor performance for the match. I give am 5

Rooney: he slow the game well many times and even do some yama yama wrong pass. Worse NA when he come begin fall up and down. NA the dying minute of the game he come ginger and do the assist wey we take score. I give am 6

Ibrahimovic : that him karate control pass alone na 3 marks (no need to show working). Baba try for the match, he take few shots self but goal no gree come. I give am 6

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Mkhitaryan : as he enter he change the game straight and begin ginger for goal. He make some sweet runs and dribbles. I give am 6

Rashford : star of the day. Even before he score the winning goal, he ginger attack and pepper their defence well.

Smalling : he enter late, no chance to judge am at all.

NA the players dem report card be that, make we dey Jolly say the team don dey blend well and NA this kind games dey show wetin team fit do when Ẹ be like say nothing dey work.

Until our next game, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

One thought on “Players report card (Hull City vs ManUtd) 0-1

  1. The match sweet me well, but Rooney no deserve that 6 points wey una give am, he play better nonsense, na only that assist save him.

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