Juan Mata’s Blog: Something better don dey happen

Juan Mata dey hold ball against Hull City

As Monday don knack, Juan Ikeji don come again o with another brand new episode of hin blog and this time, e dey write una from spain; 

My People, How una dey?

Today, I dey write una from Spain, I dey prepare myself for the first training camp wey go happen this season with the national team this Monday. This time, things go dey special onto say many changes don happen, as una sabi, we don even get new manager and we go soon begin tap ball for Russia’s World Cup qualifiers. I dey notice say Spanish fans dey happy ontop all the new changes wey dey happen for here and all of us (players) dey ginger to impress self and to jolly with the team. As I don yarn before, e dey make my head swell say the Spanish Team call me for phone, say make I come tap ball for them. E dey sweet me to dey here, e dey do my body somehow, e dey yori yori me. 

The first of the two matches wey we go play na Friendly match but na still top match: We go battle Belgium, na team wey get plenty players wey sabi play ball and dem self also get new manager wey be Spanish person. This na match wey bin suppose happen last year November but dem cancel am, we get luck say the match fit happen now. Na tough test o, ahead of the first qualifying game wey we get against Liechtenstein in Leon, e sure me say our fans go hail us wella when we enter Leon. 

As una fit reason am, we wakka enter international break with high moral after we don win our third Premier League match in a row. Last Saturday, e bin no dey easy to knack Hull City, but as dying minute reach, Marcus Rashford tear their yansh and everything con make sense onto say we deserve am. We bin try everything to off their pant for 90 minutes and e bin sweet us say we fit jolly at the end with teammates and the people wey dey support us. To knack person for stoppage time na special thing; However, next time we go make sure say we go do the knocking on time. 

Make una enjoy una week, make we hug! 



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