Wayne Rooney: Marcus Rashford’s time go come for Manchester United

Na Marcus Rashford wey score the winning goal against hull City for the 92nd minute

Manchester United Capo Wayne Rooney dey happy with the kind big talents wey Marcus Rashford get but e talk say e dey very important to give the pikin striker time to fulfill hin potential. 

Rashford wakka commot from bench against Hull City but na him wey score the only goal for the match, for dying minute when everybody bin dey expect say the match go end as draw. As e tear net, e mean United fit continue their 100% start to the 2016/17 League season. 

Na the ninth goal wey the 18-year-old don score for United in 20 appearances, since the first match wey e play for United in February and Wayne Rooney believe say the pikin striker fit contribute more to the team in the weeks/months wey dey come so. 

“Marcus na person wey sabi ball. Na one of the brightest talents wey dey in European football. We sabi and na last season we take know self,” na wetin Rooney yarn. 

“Him na still pikin and e dey important make all the fame no enter hin head. Sometimes, e go dey hard sha onto say skill and talents too dey hin body but, as players and teammates, we go try guide am, so e go fit focus on football.” 

“E sure me say hin chance go come. When e wakka enter match on Saturday, e play well and na him wey score for us. Him na important player for us.” 

England Under-21 don call up Marcus Rashford, say make e come play for them and the pikin striker fit get game time for there, so e go fit boost hin skills. 


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