Baba Rooney your own don too musch

Wety dey worry Wayne Rooney? Yin cup don full. Fashi dis win wey Manshitty win today. My own na Wayne Rooney. I don dey hold him for mind now for 3 years. Now I must talk… My belle no be store…

Fashi say many of our players no perform today. I fit forgive all them Lingard,Mita mita and Pogba. But Rooney for 3 years now don dey play absolute rubbish. I dey hear pipo say Rooney play better ball today. Which kind better ball wey yin no create anything as a N10. Wetin be yin use if yin no fit give Zlatan ball make yin score. In fact na Rooney this today.

See ehh. Papa Kai yin own don too musch. Rooney no fit dribble, no fit cross, no fit hold ball, no fit send pass, even yin first touch na nonsense. Yin corners useless. Fashi legendary status. I dey happy say since 2004, yin don help United well. Yin don play yin part for our fairytale, but if yin want to be remembered as a legend make yin carry yin bags go. 

The thing wey dey pain me pass na say no be only yin mess, but the fact say yin must start all matches. Apart from that, Rooney yi presence dey prevent us from playing 4-3-3 wey go better for us. Pogba no fit play that DM role.yin better as CM or as CAM, and the only way wey yin go play that role na if Rooney chop bench. 

I no even no ting to talk again about baba Rooney. I don back him up for a long while now, but enough is enough. Shae una see how Kevin De Bryune as n10, carry City today. See how yin play that role? Na wety that wey Rooney supposed dey do. Rooney no fit even cross corner well. Yin go just dey float ball for air like balloon.Even when we dey carry attack,Rooney go dey slow am down. The only tackle wey yin win today, na against Pep. If United get to step to the next level, then Rooney get to sit out. When be the last time wey Rooney play better ball for us wey you go sit down talk say u get better player. All this excuse say yin best position this and that na just empty talk.

The only reason why managers dey change Rooney position na because yin no b master of any. Yin no fit strike, yin no fit play n10, yin no fit play wing, yin no fit play CM. So wety con be yin use for field. Rooney no give Zlatan wan clean ball for ground make yin run shoot. Fernandihno pocket Rooney d whole match. All second balls yin win for infront Rooney. If no be Herrera enter come shore up that midfield. We for collect wella today.

Baba Rooney sit down for bench dey collect ur 300 k per week. U do us ojoro for salary, then still dey do us ojoro for field? If Mou wan succeed, then make yin solve this Rooney situation.

I don talk my under belle. Talk your own for comment section


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