The Katakata wey dey worry Manchester United: Lingard, Mhkitaryan and Rooney.

As una dey read like this my Belle dey do nyama nyama, my heart dey pain, my blood don bitter, tears sep dey commot my eye. How Manchester city go come Old Trafford come off our pant?Wety worst again na say na that bald headed Pep they coach them. 
I know say many United fans all over the world go dey cry now. Make we take heart my brothers and sisters, Na just a step back. We go bounce back because na so the United way dey. But as City off us 2-1, wety dey pain me no be only say them don gain bragging rights, but the fact say some serious katakata dey our squad.

I don dey see this coming since against Dortmund for pre season. We get too many carpenters for this our squad. Some serious ojoros, and na Rooney dey lead them, with yin two adjudants, Lingard and Mita mita. I sabi say Rooney na legend, but make him gerrout Jor. No be by legend we want, na current form we need. Rooney don dey play nonsense, and today no be be different.

Today it dey like say yi bribe Lingard and mita mita make them join yin carpenter ranks. Those two play nonsense. Why baba special even put them I no know. We knw say mita mita na good player, but today yin mess up Wella. As for Lingard ehh..make yin just continue dey dab, but if I see am I go nod that yin head. Some two kalewahs. The whole first half dem do nothing. Just dey play like pre mature fowls.

Fella don dey try, but it dey like say baba special no dey see say Fella na up ball player..when na tym to play against tiki taka teams, no be Fella domain. See as Herrera enter second half come change midfield. Make baba special just keep am in mind say Fella no be for tiki taka teams. Una wait, I Neva yet finish.

Wety dey worry Rooney? Why yin dey mess like this? Fashi legendary status, all we know say yin be legend, but who e epp today? Time don reach for Rooney to drop go bench. Yin no dey help us at all. Rooney no sabi dribble again, yin corners na arat nonsense. Yin go just dey float ball for keeper hand. Kevin de Bryune cross corner them nearly score us, it no even stay safe, Rooney go dey cross yin own like kalewah. Rooney performancances dey pain my heart. Time don reach say make we drop am. We don too try, but make yin go or make yin sit down for bench.

In fact ehh, make I no talk my under Belle. The katakata wey dey worry this our beloved team too much. Too many carpenters wey get to step up their game or leave. Baba special sep go pick formation wey nobody understand. Serious carpenters and bricklayers. Make I end here for today. Time to go drunk and sleep don reach. No football for me again this weekend.
Oya make una drop comments. Wety u think be the katakata wey dey worry Manchester united? Why Lingard and Mita mita fall our hand?


Wetin you think?

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