Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The Time go come for Marcus Rashford


Zlatan Ibrahimovic don yarn hin mind on Marcus Rashford 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic don talk say patience dey very important for the 18-year-old striker but the experienced striker believe say the time go come when the pikin go ‘take over everything’.

The story wey dey behind Marcus Rashford’s rise make brain gan. E score two goals for hin first United match, two goals for hin first Premier League match, winning goal for hin first Manchester derby, tear net for hin first England match (Senior Team), tap ball for Euro 2016, and e con score hat-trick for hin first England U-21 match.

After e wakka enter for Half-time on Saturday, e remain small Rashford for tear net, but na Zlatan Ibrahimovic wey put sand for hin garri as the experienced striker bin dey standa for offside position when Rashidi tear the shot.

As one of the best players wey dey the game today, Zlatan fit identify talent when e see am, and in one interview wey e run for #MUTV, e talk say Marcus Rashford sabi play ball gan and e con talk say the 18-year-old get plenty of time on hin side.

“First of all ehn, him na 18, him na still pikin. Enough time dey for am,” na wetin Ibrahimovic yarn.

“I dey reason say the best way to raise a player like am, when everybody dey yarn about hin skill and hin potential, na to remember say him get enough time. No be like say him gots take over the world today today, the club self sabi, the coach self sabi and the team self sabi.”

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“We sabi say hin get mad quality and we know wetin hin fit do. Wetin the world dey see today, we don already sabi because we dey see am everyday for training. You no gots rush am or put too much pressure on hin neck so e no go dey ontop hot seat. If e dey ontop hot seat, e fit have negative effect on am. Time by time, e go take over everything. The koko na patience.”

Ibrahimovic con talk say him go do everything possible to support Rashford: “I go epp am everyday, him and all the other players wey dey here, any way i fit. I dey happy say i fit epp them, but the truth be say, even if i bin no dey here, dem for still dey ball.”


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