Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The people wey dey criticize Paul Pogba dey jealous am



Manchester United star man Zlatan Ibrahimovic don defend hin teammate Paul Pogba, e talk say all the people wey dey talk rubbish about am now, go swallow their words later.

“All these jealous people wey dey yab Paul Pogba, go soon swallow everything wey dem don talk about am,” na wetin The Swedish striker yarn for SFR Sport. 

“E go improve and everybody go dey for hin back. The way me and Paul dey relate, dey easy: When i dey talk, e dey listen. Paul na player wey get plenty talent.”


Paul Pogba never tear net or throw pass wey go tear defence yansh, for the three Premier League matches wey e don play so far, for Manchester United.

On the other hand, Ibrahimovic don start well for United, e just dey tear pant anyhow, and the Swede international talk say fans gots dey patient with the France midfielder.


“Now, una gots reason the matter well, people dey put too much pressure ontop Paul,” na wetin Zlatan yarn. “Na hin transfer wey make people wan die ontop hin matter.”

“I bin no sabi Paul before, now wey i don sabi am, i fit talk say him na person wey dey work very hard. E wan improve and hin moral dey right. But you gots remember say hin still dey young. Na the only thing wey i go yarn for now.”



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