Jose Mourinho press conference: Wayne Rooney no dey the squad

Jose Mourinho go like win Europa League title for Manchester United

As una sabi say Europa League dey start tomorrow, the first match wey Manchester United get for Group A na against Netherlands side Feyenoord, team wey finish third for Dutch League last season. 

Reds boss Jose Mourinho don confirm say Wayne Rooney no travel with the rest of the squad onto say e wan rest am. 

United boss Mourinho con talk say the aim of Red Devils for this competition na to win am, say the Reds no go use am play. 

As una sabi say Feyenoord no be small team, Reds boss no go underate them and this na wetin e yarn ontop the match: “The squad wey i carry from Manchester make brain and i go play dem with team wey make sense.”

Baba Special talk say hin players dey respond well to the knacking wey City give dem: “After dem knack us, the best thing na to tap ball. Everybody wan dey pitch tomorrow.” 

E be like say Ander Herrera go start against Feyenoord

Ander Herrera con snatch the mic from Jose Mourinho. 

“I dey tap ball for the team wey don succeed pass all other teams for England & we wan continue dey carry titles,” na wetin Ander Herrera yarn. 

“I fit make mistakes onto say i be human but wetin i no fit do na to give up. Tufia!” 


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