Everything to Ginger Una for Feyenoord vs Manchester United

Competition: Europa League

Date: Thursday, 15 September, 2016.

Group: A

Time: 6:00 p.m

Venue: De Kuip

Europa League

Manchester United don show for Holland as we dey ginger for our first game inside Europa League against Feyenoord.  Ogbonge Naija rapper @RuggedyBaba go dey follow us yarn ontop our twitter page @manutdinpidgin as we go dey ginger una with all the tori as dem go dey happin before the match go start and as the match dey go on. Bros RuggedyBaba Olu Omo one for Nija rap music don follow us yarn before and hin be yarn many true talk and hin go still yarn plenty for this one wey hin go show. So if you never dey purshue us sharply go join for people wey dey purshue us for @manutdinpidgin so una no go miss anything.

Manchester United bin fall plenty people hand for that derby wey them be lose for Saturday. Plenty of the players wey dey pitch that day for first half be play rubbish and their group chairman na Bros Rooney. I no wan too reason the matter because na by force I take recover myself for weekend as the match finish. E sure me say Oga Jose go dey reason this match as way make we take jump enter winning ways back because everything about Manchester United na winning we sabi.

Tori Tori about Dis Match

Feyenoord vs Manchester United

Feyenoord don start their season with plenty fire as them don win all the five games wey them be play for their league – but na we be the water wey go quench their fire. Them they lead their league table and na two points them take pass people wey dey second. Them don tear net 15 times while na only 3 times them open their yansh and finally finally, them no get any player wey woundjure for their side.

Their team be get some people wey we sabi as some of them don play for Premier league before. Dirk Kuyt wey be play for our junior brother (Liverpool) when hin be dey England tear net for them 23 times last season inside all the competition wey them play and hin score four of them goals inside final as the team be win their Dutch cup.  Them get another guy Brad Jones wey them sign for transfer period wey be play for Liverpool before sef and na hin be their goalkeeper. Their second striker Eljero Elia sef play for England with Southampton as borrow borrow inside 2015 season and he don tear net three times inside two appearances.

Their manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst sef still gather get England tori has hin be play for Arsenal inside 2001 and 2004, after hin commot from Rangers. Though na so so woundjure he dey get hin manage tap ball 64 times for them before hin kon commot go Barcelona after which he kon enter Feyenoord.

For our own side, Bros Rooney, Luke Shaw, Antonio Valencia and Jesse Lingard no follow waka for this game. Phil Jones and Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Miki-Miki) sef no follow waka but their na say them woundjure – abeg wettin Phil Jones dey play wey hin take carry injury, the guy just dey chop free money.  Marcus (Rashidi) Rashford and Ander Herrera fit start for this match as them show correct shabbiness as them enter match against Manchester City as substitute for second half.

Oga Jose don talk before say players wey no too tap ball for beginning of season go start to dey see jersey as Europa league and other competitions wan dey start. E kon even talk say all those people wey be mess up for derby no go dey team against Feyenoord.

We don follow them tap ball two times before before inside 1997/1998 Champions League group stage and we be flog them both home and away.

Even though no be Europa League we wan don play and we big pass that kind thing we gats tap better ball to commot that derby yama yama from our our mind. My prediction na say we go win by 2-0.








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