Jose Mourinho don back Paul Pogba to shine for Manchester United: “E go Improve”


Wayne Rooney and Paul Pogba 

Fashi say Paul Pogba no start hin Manchester United career well, Reds boss Jose Mourinho don back hin world record player to shine as time dey go.

“The guy no play any match for pre-season na, but Pogba try for the first match hin play and e dey normal say hin form decrease after that match,” na wetin Mourinho yarn.


Jose Mourinho don back Paul Pogba to shine again

“I believe am gan onto say i sabi the kind player hin be; I sabi say him na player wey wan achieve many things for this life, so hin form go come.”

Paul Pogba bin play well for hin first Red Devils match against Southampton but since then, hin form don fall inside gutter, sote many people con dey yab am but hin coach still believe am.




“People no go fashi hin matter onto say him na the most expensive player and e go remain like that, till another person break the record,” na wetin Baba Special yarn.

“I just wan make Paul forget the money wey United pay for am, and make e begin play hin football. The problem no be the position wey hin dey play, e balance well for that position.”

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“Hin form go come naturally and e go come as the team dey improve. The team go improve, e go improve. Wahala no dey.”


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