Players report card (Watford vs Man U td) 3-1


The matter get as e be as Manchester United take by force close eye swallow the bitter medicine wey Watford chook for our throat. Na the 3rd time wey we dey lose back to back be this and e no good at all for the team spirit.

As e dey so ,now we don dey 6 points behind our rivals wey dey top table that means we need to win and pray make dem lose for us to fit catch dem for up the table.The thing surprise me cos if i judge the team with the way them start the season,i no expect say we go dey lose this kind games.

Truth be say if Mourinho serious about making any impact for this team this season,time don reach for am to know say he suppose dey bench Rooney. he lost finish for this game. Infact, no be say he lost he dey the game dey play rubbish.

I know say many fans dey complain about how Watford take get their first goal, but that one na history dem don score dem don score na we suppose find how we go score and make sure say dem no score another.

This match pain me for body well as we lose am but man go still dey positive, na the players report card be dis:

De Gea: I no go blame am for any of the goals, all na wetin he no fit do plenty about. The defence na him main reason wey the goals enter. i give am 5

Valencia: the crosses wey we dey clap for am for when season start don reduce now. He no to dey ginger again and many times him brain no boot quick to fit know wetin to do. i give am 5

Smalling: i no understand the error wey he go do with DeGea for simple ball wey he for leave. He show say he no even dey communicate with keeper.I for prefer Blind for this game. Smalling for just wait and enter as sub. The partnership wey Bailly and Blind don get for serve better purpose today. I give am 5

Bailly: he do some mistakes wey remind me of that him major one against Atletico when he dey La Liga wey Torres take score. Na the smae kind he do against Issac Succes wey finally lead to penalty. I go forgive am say because he dey play with new partner and no be Daley Blind wey he dey used to. i Give am 5

Shaw: he ginger well to try go forward to assist the team and he make one fine tackle when he need to run close gap and slide collect the ball. I give am 6

Fellaini: he make some good tackles and wi some aerial balls but he need to work on him passes and ability to push go forward instead of passing back or side. i give am 5

Pogba: he try him best as he help win some tackles and he even see bar from that him shot. he need to dey calm down cos make he no go collect red card the day wey we go need am for match. I give am 5

Rooney: see ehn,na standard rubbish he play. make we end am there. i give am 3

Martial: even before the injury, i no see anything special wey he do. i believe say he need break. make he go rest small then come back. i give am 3

Rashford: the golden child. na him ginger pass for attack even though he no too see ball. he take chance wey dem give am and he try even though Mourinho dey carry am from left to right wing up and down. I give am 6

Ibrahimovich: even though na him ginger bring the goal, the way wey he dey play sometimes like say the matter no concern am dey worry me. He need to serious if he wan do anything for this club. i give am 5


Young : he enter but he no fit do anything to effect the game as all him cross just dey one kind. I give am 4

Mata: he bring some small ginger to the game but no change the game plenty. i give am 5

Memphis: Memphis ehn, see make i just laugh. i give am 4

Na the players report card be that. Until our next game, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND




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