Juan Mata’s Blog: Time no dey to Mourn

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Juan Mata talk say time no dey to mourn

As today na Monday, Juan Ikeji don come again with another episode from hin blog.

My People how una dey,

Today, i believe say i no fit describe the way we dey vess in the team after Watford knack us. We tear net and we con dey pressure dem for their box. However, before we know wetin happen, dem go tear our yansh again… From that time, till wey match finish, dey bin control the match and na how we take lose three points. Na something wey we no expect, e dey pain.

Wetin i dey always yarn na say, one of the best things about football be say, na everytime the game dey test you. If you win, e no dey last long and na the same thing wey dey happen with defeat: You go see chance to make it up as time dey go. Two more games wey go happen this week go give us the chance to show people say we get skills. Time no dey to mourn, we must react o. 

First, we dey visit Northampton Town, na EFL Cup match. Na our first game of the season for the competition. Na we be favourites for the match and we gots deliver ontop pitch, we no go underate our opponents, onto say na dem knock out Premier League side West Brom from the competition. E sure me say the stadium go full and dem go try make the match hard for us.

When weekend knack, na Premier League things again, this time we go face Leicester for Old Trafford. If we play wella against the current champions, we fit send signals to everybody say we dey ready to fight this season. If we wan do well for the match, we gots work hard for all areas. I believe say this team fit do great things this season. Na wetin i feel. And i wan remind una say we still dey September. Time still dey for us to show you our best, so we go fit jolly ontop pitch and make our fans happy. E dey normal say make una dey feel sad but the road still long o.

Make i sign off now. I dey hope say we fit celebrate good week next week Monday.

Make we Hug,



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